Here Are The Dumbest Moments From Jim Acosta’s ‘Democracy in Peril’ Debut

If you are like the overwhelming majority of Americans and did not tune into Jim Acosta’s debut of the low-rated CNN show Democracy in Peril, you weren’t missing much. You can guess the words of Acosta, his leftist conga guests. 

Marc Elias (left-wing election lawyer) was Acosta’s first guest. He spewed crazy conspiracy theories during the interview. Jim Acosta was the first one out of the gate, asking Elias “how likely is it in these upcoming midterms that we’re gonna see a scenario of multiple elections across the country becoming such a huge circus because of these bogus fraud claims?” 

As expected Elias didn’t scoff at this notion, instead he fearmongered that “we are one, maybe two, elections cycles away from a real constitutional crisis.” 

Acosta continued to feed off of Elias’s lunacy asking “what’s the impact on our democracy? I mean, Marc, do you have enough lawyers on your team to handle that kind of scenario?”

Later on in the hour, in a segment I like to call “make-believe with Jim Acosta”, the deranged host went on an unhinged monologue about what America would be like if former President Donald Trump somehow stayed in the White House after he lost the 2020 election.



Acosta took a clip from Newt Gingrich, former House Speaker of House of Representatives, and played it out-of-context. He said that Republicans should imprison the members of January 6th committee. 

Judging political enemies. That is what happens to democracy when it dies. Newt, it’s not enough to stop at Congress. What’s next? Judges? The answer is yes, when a potential dictator takes power, everything can be done. So the January 6th investigation has been canceled. It looks like the Republican Party will stop him. It’s not the Senate and the House of Representatives who have voted for the reverse election result despite being attacked at the Capitol.

Acosta’s sick fantasies continued by Acosta speculating “I suppose the dictator would occasionally sit down for an interview to take questions about what happened on January 6th. But it wouldn’t be a real interview. Sean Hannity would be the right person to interview him.” 

After playing clips mocking Tucker Carlson for reporting on the news that M&Ms were changing their mascot’s attire, and audio from an interview Sean Hannity had with Trump, Acosta referred to Trump as the “Mussolini of Mar-a-Largo”Trump was a sham. “can seize another breadstick from the buffet at down at his club, but he can’t seize our elections.”

If Brianna Keilar’s ratings were an abysmal 542,000 total viewers during her turn at hosting Democracy in PerilIf ratings were lower last week than they were this week due to Acosta’s leadership, one has to wonder how much worse it will be. Acosta’s family won’t probably be watching.  

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To read the relevant transcript of the January 24th Democracy in Peril low lights click “expand”:

CNN’s Democracy in Peril


9:04 PM 


MARC ELIAS : It’s inevitable. We are only one or two elections away from real constitutional crises. This is because one of two main parties in the country has decided to abandon the principles of free and fair elections and to peaceful transfers of power. People can dismiss these rantings as nonsense. The truth is that Donald Trump was President of the United States at the time he spoke about calling up military personnel. They were actually serving the President of the United States. These people are now supporting Republican candidates all over the country.

ACOSTA – What is the impact on democracy? Marc, are you sure that there is enough legal talent on your team for such a scenario?

ELIAS : I thought Congress would adopt new legislation. It’d be the backstop. My team and I are committed to defending democracy wherever possible. It is not possible to find a higher calling in life as either a citizen or a lawyer. That’s exactly what we are going to do.


9.06:54 pm 

ELIAS: You would think that many of these states would give up after the big lie had been exposed to be a fabrication. It would be reasonable to assume that the states who had conducted these fake audits after they failed would give up. We have actually witnessed the growth of the big lie, when we stop and think about it. The Republican Party’s commitment to this big lie is growing. Seven members of today’s house conference have an F rating from the NRA. They did not vote for one of the voting rights bills. Every state has its own legislature and Republicans are finding new ways to deny voters their voting rights. What is the point of this strategy? This is not because they believe it will win them election but because B. they want to be loyal to an inept one-term president who can’t get over his loss.


9.31.19 pm

ACOSTA: Hello again. Imagine what would have been the outcome if Trump’s attempted coup of January 6th had gone unpunished. How would it have turned out if he managed it? Yesterday, the ex-Speaker of the House Newt Ginrich screamed the dictator’s part loudly when he fantasized about the imprisonment of 6th January committee members to stop Trump from insurrecting.

[cuts to video]

NEWTGINGRICH: If you have the Republican Congress it will be all over again, and then the sheep will discover that the wolves were once sheep. These are the people who, in reality, will face serious jail time for breaking the law.

[cuts back to live]

ACOSTA: Jailing political enemies. That is what happens to democracy when it dies. Newt, it’s not enough to stop at Congress. What’s next? Judges? The answer is yes, when a potential dictator takes power, everything can be done. So the January 6th investigation has been canceled. It looks like the Republican Party will stop him. It’s not the Senate and House Republicans who voted for the overturning of the election results despite the Capitol attack. These lawmakers might have looked to Trump’s team plan for bogus alternative electors. Boris Epshteyn, Trump advisor, outlined it in the recent days. It sounds similar to another scheme that Trump advisor Peter Navarro called the Green Bay sweep.

PETER NAVARRO – The plan was as simple as this. There were over 100 Senators, Congressmen and Senators available to execute the sweep. This was it. We would challenge the electoral results in six of the battleground states.

ACOSTA – The Green Bay sweep was as good as Aaron Rogers’ and Packers. And then there’s the draft executive order now in the hands of the January 6th committee to have the military seize voting machines, you know like one would do in a coup.


9.33.49 pm

ACOSTA – What do you think about January 6, when there was so much violence? Seems plausible and an even more Trumpy Justice Department wouldn’t be pursuing any prosecutions. At least for insurrectionists, there would not be any sedition charges. It is true that some would be able to see the reality of their situation with their eyes. Trump could have his propaganda team to tell the American people it wasn’t so awful. But who could that propaganda outfit be?

[cuts to video]

TUCKER CARLSON (OH, that was an insurrection?) How many people were charged in the insurrection with insurrecting with sedition and treason? Zero. 

GREG GUTFELD: Nobody has been accused of sedition or insurrection. Many have faced charges such as parading. Parading. Parading. It should, by the way. Parades are something I loathe.

[cuts back to live]

ACOSTA: How would the world look if Trump pulled this off in the following weeks? His rallies would continue. Gaslighting became a reality on January 6, and gaslighting was a reality.

[cuts to video]

DONALD TRUMP – I can assure you that there were many people who loved our country and shared a lot love. They are wonderful people.

[cuts back to live]

ACOSTA – But you would find other outlets to get the truth. They don’t allow free media in autocracies. Ask Trump’s Saudi Arabian or Russian friends. There would still be state TV. It would be possible to see segments about how candy isn’t quite as attractive as it once was.

[cuts to video]

CARLSON: M&M’s will not be satisfied until every last cartoon character is deeply unappealing and totally androgynous, until the moment you wouldn’t want to have a drink with any one of them. This is the ultimate goal.

[cuts back to live]

ACOSTA: This is about as dystopian and creepy as you can get. It is possible that the dictator might occasionally be available for an interview in order to answer questions regarding what occurred on January 6. But it wouldn’t be a real interview. He would then have to call Sean Hannity. Yes, Sean is still around. He was the Sean Hannity, who, according to the January 6th Committee, texted his then-White House Press secretary to tell him, “No more stolen election talk. Impeachment and the 25th Amendment are real.”

[cuts to video]

TRUMP: This was probably the largest group I’ve ever been in contact with. It was enormous. It was not about those who walked to the Capitol. I’m talking about the people that we were watching –

HANNITY: At this rally.

TRUMP: This was what we were going to do. It was an emotional rally. There was so much love.

[cuts back to live]

ACOSTA: Lots of love. Thanks, Sean. It did not, however. Mike Pence didn’t agree to it. Trump failed. He failed.

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