Woman Chokes to Death While Trying to Fit as Many Cakes in Her Mouth as Possible

“This just shows how fragile we are.”

The family of a 24-year-old woman, who passed away last month after choking while attempting to fit as many chocolate snacks into her mouth as possible, is hoping her death serves as a cautionary tale.

Bethan Gaskin, a British mother to a 3-year-old daughter, tried to cram as many Jaffa Cakes into her mouth as she could while performing a party trick at her Lincolnshire home on Feb. 22. According to the Rutland and Stamford Mercury, Gaskin choked on the dessert snacks, her airways were blocked and she went into cardiac arrest.

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Five days later she died at Peterborough City Hospital, with doctors telling her family she’d suffered severe brain damage.

Her devastated relatives are now speaking out in an attempt to warn others about the dangers of extreme eating challenges.

Gaskin’s mother Michelle was with her daughter at the Feb. 22 party. The game began innocently enough she told the Mercury. “She was like a little hamster with her cheeks bulging,” Michelle said.

“She danced off to the toilet to get ride of them and it was only a while later we realized she had been gone a long time.”

When a friend went to check on Gaskin, she was passed out on the floor. A paramedic friend reportedly attempted to revive the young mother by performing CPR.

“In my heart I knew we had lost her before they put her into the ambulance. Too much time was passing,” Michelle said.

Gaskin’s family hopes her story will serve as a warning to other young people. “So many people have said they play a similar game with marshmallows. Even my 90-year-old aunt said she does it with Maltesers,” Michelle said.

“This just shows how fragile we are.”

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