Report: WH Lawyers Plan to Tell House Judiciary to ‘Go F-ck Themselves’

“A big, fat, fishing expedition.” 

White House lawyers are preparing to send a letter to the House Judiciary Committee indicating they will not comply with a request to turn over documents The Daily Beast reported Thursday.

A person familiar with the matter characterized the attorneys’ response as a plan to tell the House Judiciary Committee to “go fuck themselves,” according to The Daily Beast.

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Pat Cipollone, head of the White House counsel’s office, is in the process of drafting a response to the House Judiciary Committee’s request for a wide array of documents.

The Democratic-run Judiciary committee announced their new probe earlier this month, while also requesting documents from 81 “agencies, entities, and individuals” connected to President Donald Trump’s administration and his private businesses.

Instead, a source told The Daily Beast, the White house will respond with only a letter indicating that they will not comply with the request.

Similar investigations have been announced by the Oversight, Foreign Affairs, and Intelligence committees, but Trump’s attorney’s have already rebuffed those requests.

“The president must be free to engage in discussions with foreign leaders without fear that those communications will be disclosed and used as fodder for partisan political purposes,” Cipollone wrote in the formal response. “No foreign leader would engage in private conversations with the president, or the president’s senior advisers, if such conversations were subject to public disclosure.”

Cipollone’s response to the Judiciary Committee is expected to strike a similar tone, while also raising executive-privilege concerns.

By refusing to comply with the request, the White House has signaled they are preparing to make the committee’s work as hard as possible going forward.

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Trump has been been critical of the investigation on social media, tweeting that Democrats are on a “fishing expedition”.

With Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation winding down, Democrats have used their new House majority to open up multiple investigations of their own. Trump has called these investigations a “witch hunt,” insisting they are politically motivated.

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