Trump Critics Bash Him for Hugging Young Blonde Woman at Signing Ceremony

“The person being rubbed is a victim.”

President Donald Trump’s liberal detractors criticized him Thursday for a seemingly innocuous encounter with a young supporter that took place during a ceremony where the president signed an executive order that ties federal research funds for universities to their support of free speech.

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Vox journalist Aaron Rupar tweeted out a video of Trump embracing the woman, describing it as, “Trump awkwardly presses his face against a college student’s face.”

Liberal tabloid Raw Story published an article about the “controversy” under the headline, “Internet cringes after Trump kisses young blonde college woman at signing ceremony: ‘Not enough ewww in the world for this.'”

Raw Story’s Bob Brigham wrote that the “internet was shocked by the incident, especially in light of the young woman’s physical similarities to the commander-in-chief’s daughter.”

The rest of Brigham’s sub-100 word story was dedicated to cataloguing the tweets of random anti-Trump Twitter commenters, many of whom went as far as to accuse the president of sexual misconduct.

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“Frotteurism is a disorder in which a person derives sexual pleasure or gratification from rubbing, especially the genitals, against another person, usually in a crowd,” tweeted one commenter reacting to the video. “The person being rubbed is a victim.”

“Cringe…she needed a safe spaced where 45 is not, but, alas, no such thing at the White House,” another commenter wrote. “Thanks Orange Man for demonstrating the problem.”

#WTF This is not how a grown man approaches and interacts with a girl young enough to be his grandchild,” wrote another Twitter user. “This is wrong. And, don’t start with the ‘she was ok with it’ crap. She clearly expected a handshake. @realDonaldTrump can’t stop himself. #Ephebophilia.”

Last year, therapists indicated a rise in what they unofficially diagnosed as “Trump Anxiety Disorder.” In a 2017 essay, clinical psychologist Jennifer Panning – who is credited with originally coining the term – described the symptoms of “Trum Anxiety disorder” as worrying about the state of the country, feeling helpless and out of control, and spending too much time on social media.

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