Beth Spiby: I Earn $150,000 a Year Selling Nude Photos My Mom Takes

Woman Earns More Than $150,000 a Year Selling Nude Photos Taken By Her Mother

“It’s more the underwear shots with my mum.”

millennial woman who used to work in a gift shop told a British tabloid of how she now earns more than  $150,000 a year after she recruited her own mother to take nude pictures of her to sell to fans.

22-year-old Beth Spiby told the Daily Mirror that she earns £120,000 a year (roughly $159,000) by selling access to more than 1,000 subscribers who pay around $16 a month to see her nude photographs. Most of those photographs were shot by her 53-year-old accountant mother, Jane.

Although she recently hired a professional photographer to take her pictures and someone to manage her website, she still relies on her mother for “emergency pics.”

“Obviously she doesn’t do anything too explicit, because that would be crossing the line,” Spiby said. “It’s more the underwear shots with my mum.”

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Posted by Bethany Spiby on Friday, February 8, 2019

The Greater Manchester resident said her family and friends are supportive of her occupation. Spiby joined the site Only Fans in December of 2017. Within three weeks she had nearly 900 subscribers and had made more than $10,000. Her early success led to her quitting her job at the M&S gift shop.

Spiby said her mother was key to her early success. “Initially it was my mum who took all the pictures – even the raunchy ones,” she said. “It was in underwear and topless. It became more explicit the more comfortable I got.”

Posted by Bethany Spiby on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

And Spiby’s prosperity has given her the drive to give back to others through an advice website – – she runs. She’s already “saved two people from suicide,” she claims. “I help people in need, offer them a shoulder to cry on or just someone to talk to on their dark days,” Spiby said.

But Spiby’s success has come at a price – the vocal condemnation of critical onlookers. While she has a healthy heaping of loyal fans, many social media commenters express distaste with her circumstances. “Wrong on all levels,” wrote one Twitter user in reply to the Daily Mirror’s story. “Pimp my child,” wrote another.

Spiby could be said to fit the stereotype lobbed at many in her purportedly social media and consumerism-obsessed generation – much of the Daily Mirror piece focuses on her compulsive love for shopping. “I’m not one of them where I spend a lot of money on one thing, but I spend a lot of money on a lot of things. I’m constantly shopping,” Spiby, who confessed to buying the same pair of Adidas shoes in 12 different colors, said.

Posted by Bethany Spiby on Monday, November 27, 2017

But it might be her mother’s nonplussed attitude to her chosen vocation that is more indicative of the zeitgeist. Parents from generations past might be horrified at the mere thought of their child working in the sex industry, let alone being the one behind the camera. And while Spiby’s mother Jane is almost certainly not representative of most modern parents, the fact that she’s willing to brave the social repercussions of having her story broadcast to the world via British tabloid is indicative of how social mores have changed. The sexual liberation movement spearheaded by progressives and feminists has resulted in a society where women are often not just encouraged to showcase their sexuality, they are celebrated for it.

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