Charlie Hunnam Fans Outraged After Actor Reveals His Love for Jordan Peterson

“OK OK ANYWAY time to go to therapy like the hyperbolic, bored, unhinged, simpleton woman that i am!”

“Sons of Anarchy” star Charlie Hunnam triggered an outcry from outraged fans after he revealed in a recent interview that he is a “big fan” of controversial public intellectual Jordan Peterson.

Speaking to “Men’s Health” about his latest film “Triple Frontier,” Hunnam described training with a Navy SEAL in preparation for his role as a former Special Forces soldier. In doing so, Hunnam found parallels between the stoic soberness of Special Forces soldiers and Peterson. “I’m a big fan of Jordan Peterson, as are a lot of people right now—he’s become quite an internet phenomenon, a card-carrying member of the intellectual dark web,” the actor said.

“I love the message that he promotes, which is, ‘Take your life seriously.’ Carry as much responsibility as possible,” Hunnam added. “I think in his words he says, pick up the heaviest thing that you can and carry it.”

Hunnam, who is also a fan of retired Navy SEAL and expert on leadership Jocko Willink, said that Peterson’s maxim was “very much the philosophy and mentality” of the Special Forces warriors. According to Hunnam, in our current culture, “everyone’s gown soft and entitled.”

“It’s like, no, guys, you’re not entitled to anything,” he said. “And that just speaks to the importance of getting out there and working for yourself.”

Unsurprisingly, Hunnam found a stark contrast between Hollywood film industry types and hardened soldiers. “I found the attitude of those Special Forces guys to be really, really refreshing,” he said.

Such naked admiration for Peterson and the purportedly toxic masculinity he represents did not go over well with many liberal spectators. Blue checkmark-possessing writer-comedian Alicia Lutes was particularly perturbed, as evidenced by a 12-tweet-long rant.

“i have had more than one 1:1 conversation with more than one white man about why james peterson is bad and not somebody to support and i just truly do not have any more energy to give to that particular Discourse,” Lutes wrote, before launching several more tweets, in which she variously described Peterson as a “misogyny apologist,” “idiot empowerer” and “ambassador of clods.”

“OK OK ANYWAY time to go to therapy like the hyperbolic, bored, unhinged, simpleton woman that i am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Lutes wrote in the coda to her tweetstorm. Other social media commenters were similarly distressed by Hunnam’s praise for the Canadian clinical psychologist. “Ugh Charlie Hunnam no you don’t like Jordan Peterson. Was no one on the set of Triple Frontier able to steer you away from that bad man? You can’t tell me Oscar Issac and Pedro Pascal approve of that guy. Right? Not like I know them. Just want to believe they know better,” wrote one user.

Another user called Hunnam’s appreciation for Peterson a “betrayal” that he’d “never be able to get over.”

Peterson’s ascendant public profile and fiery debates with adherents of progressivism has led to his status as an ideological lightning rod. For many feminists and liberals, Peterson is a reactionary threat to societal progress, and a symbol of everything wrong with the patriarchy. Meanwhile, champions of the University of Toronto professor view him as a much needed dissident voice in the culture.

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