Feminist Brags She Got Man to Marry Her After He Watched ‘9 Dudes Run Train on Me in College’

“He not gay, he not a cuck.”

One lucky couple will apparently be celebrating three years of marriage this month despite the husband having watched nine men have sex with his wife.

On Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, a Twitter user who goes by “Semi Faithful Latina” looked ahead to the big March anniversary in a viral post that recollected her college orgy. She spent much of the rest of the day responding to comments, most of them critical.

Details of the sexual encounter were slowly revealed: The event took place about a decade ago at New York University. The nine men were teammates of some sort. They all signed consent forms. She was a little fat back then but willing to offer up multiple orifices.

Given that her husband had witnessed so many men penetrating her at once, Semi Faithful Latina framed her marriage as a kind of feminist victory. She bragged that she had “played the game and still got a ring” and defended her gang bang with an abortion rights slogan: “My body my choice.”

By comparison, her husband got little credit for his apparent embrace of her sexual liberation, even as she acknowledged that she had given birth to another man’s child before settling down and having two more children with her current partner. The previous man was not a deadbeat, she insisted, just a little in debt.

At one point, Semi Faithful Latina did defend her husband from those who were shocked at his tolerance, saying, “He not gay, he not a cuck.” She said they are “happy” together.

She also claimed that her husband had good practical reasons to stick with her, including that she works full-time, takes care of the house, and buys him video games while he finishes his degree.

As for her own academic performance, she said: “I graduated with honors.”

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