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Joe Biden talked about his plans to remove one million barrels per day from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve over 180 days, as we reported previously. Then he said he would be fining oil companies and invoking the Defense Production Act to dictate to private companies to produce “secure American production of critical materials to bolster our clean energy economy,” specifically the raw materials to make batteries for electric vehicles.

Biden can’t pass legislation to force his green energy agenda, so he’s trying to sneak it through the back door: draining our supply, as well as having the government conscript labor to pick winners and losers — with green energy getting the help and fossil fuels getting the punishment.

How does Biden spin this terrible idea for Americans? Oh, you’re going to save money, Biden claims. Yesterday, Biden claimed Americans could save $80 per month on gas. This is assuming you can afford the $55,000 electric car.

Then he also pushed another lie – that Americans could save about “$500 a month on average,” if they used clean energy in their homes like solar or heat pumps. As we noted earlier, the White House immediately had to rush out to clean it up, saying people might save $500 a year — not a month.

That’s the fifth walk-back of a Biden statement within the past couple of weeks. To clean up the mess left by Biden, the White House must do more than just hire a maid to help.

Fear not, the media has their trusted operatives. The Associated Press came rushing to Biden’s aid, saying that he “misspoke.”

The AP did note that the average person spends far less than $500 per month on their energy use per month — that it was generally less than $120 for most Americans’ electric bills a month. What they don’t say is that what Biden said didn’t even make any sense to say, but still it came out of Joe Biden’s mouth.

It is not only straight-up false but also shows Biden doesn’t understand what Americans pay or what he says. It’s not that he “misspoke”: he’s lying his head off to deceive Americans and/or he is deluded. It’s a serious issue, if Biden doesn’t even know what an average American has to pay. It’s a serious issue, if he is so cognitively impaired that he no longer gets it. And I don’t believe the claims of $500 a year — Biden is already costing us thousands more a year with his inflation.

I’m just tired of this game that the fact-checkers play now: when it’s Joe Biden or some other Democrats, oh, the poor guy just “misspoke” or you just need a little more “context” to understand it or make it true — when it’s a lie. Meanwhile, if it’s a Republican, it’s a lie even if it’s in context, and untrue, if any tiny aspect of it is wrong. I supposed — given the spin of a lot of the liberal fact checks — we should count it as lucky that at least they recognized it was wrong, but I’m done with all the spin.

Do they think we can’t see what’s going on? Do they not wonder why no one trusts them or their ‘fact-checks’ anymore? How many “misspeaks” equal a lie? How many times are we going to have to see this or have the White House rush out to save him before we say it’s more than a “misspeak” — that there’s a huge problem in the White House — and its name is Joe Biden.

Needless to say, people weren’t buying that he just “misspoke.”

And can you even imagine how much all that expensive and clean-energy equipment would run to make this small savings per year?

It’s the same as telling the folks who are already being strained with the rising gas prices — hey, just run out and buy a $55,000 Tesla. It’s ridiculous.

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