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Joe Biden was caught in another scandal, as we have reported. This time, he was caught calling Fox’s Peter Doocy a “son of a b**ch.” Doocy had asked him a question about inflation which was, in part, the subject of the meeting that Biden had just conducted. But Biden wasn’t interested in addressing the subject, despite polls showing this is one of the most important concerns for Americans who are being crushed by the rising prices.

This was instantly the topic of discussion on the internet. The problem wasn’t just that Biden was being nasty, using a curse word and trying to diminish press who dares question him. It’s also that he doesn’t have the basic judgment left to understand it will be picked up on the mic and come back to bite him. This was the second time in the past week where he attacked a reporter, also striking out at Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich, calling her question about being reactive to Putin a “stupid question.”

Now remember too, this is the guy who claimed he was going to be the anti-Trump, that he was going to be the “unifier.” Here’s what Biden claimed when he took office (with the help of CNN’s Brian Stelter):

As with Biden, it was obvious that this was a lie. He would also have to fire him, at this moment.

He displayed throughout his campaign how nasty he is.

“Look, fat, here’s the deal,” Biden said to this man who dared to ask him about Hunter Biden’s actions. Biden challenged him to push-up competition and labeled him a lie.

Then there was the “dog-faced pony soldier” comment to a woman. I’m still not even sure what that comment means.

Perhaps the worst one — and there were a lot so, admittedly, it’s hard to say — was when Biden was challenged on guns by a voter who knew far more on the subject than did Biden. Joe was furious when he realized this. Biden made a couple of ridiculous comments that showed he doesn’t understand the law or guns including calling an AR-15 an “AR-14.” He then called the man a liar, told him he was “full of sh**,” threatened him, and said he should “take him outside.” He also said you’re not allowed to own any weapon, then “I’m not taking your gun away, at all.” Huh? The man even has to correct Biden to tell him that it is “not ok” that Biden is sticking his finger in his face.

Peter Doocy’s response was great, as we reported, dealing with Biden with great humor. Jim Acosta, you know, would have been furious and melted down if Trump had come along.

But how did the liberal media, who criticized President Donald Trump for being “mean” to the press, react to this nasty comment today? Did they bring up Biden’s prior promises or try to hold him accountable, or even take on Biden for bad treatment of the press?

We noted that they were more supportive of Biden than Doocy. People like CNN’s Brian Stelter retweeted things like this from a TV critic.

Let’s compare and contrast that with what Stelter said about Trump.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes laughed and thought it was funny. Trump might have joined the criticism, you know?

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins and Stelter used the term “deadpanned,” suggesting that it was a joke. It wasn’t a joke. Can we scream “misinformation” at Brian Stelter? Wasn’t he just talking to kids about that the other day?

The Lincoln Project Advisor, never Trumper, would like to see Biden be more mean-spirited.

Their criticism of Trump was pathetic. Biden’s true face is revealed. But they still cheer Biden over the same issues that they criticize Trump. If they didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all. Oh, and look — they don’t. Und they ask why have they no credibility.

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