Alexander Vindman’s Hilarious Take on Who and What Is Responsible for Russia’s Aggression – Opinion

We’re on the verge of potentially a major war between Russia and Ukraine.

As I wrote previously, a big part of the problem has been the failure of Joe Biden in how he’s handled the matter. On Nord Stream 2, he sided with Russia. In December, Biden said he wouldn’t be deploying U.S. troops for Ukraine and was seeking an “accommodation” with Russia. In the past week, he seemed to say a “ minor incursion” wouldn’t prompt a severe response and said that Russia would ultimately prevail in such a fight.

That’s on top of being Barack Obama’s vice president , and Biden showing such incredible weakness in Afghanistan. Vladimir Putin understood that Obama had given up on Ukraine despite all his promises, and did virtually nothing in 2014. So, Putin has every reason to think he probably isn’t going to be met by much resistance from Joe Biden.

But there was one heck of a hilarious take on MSNBC both from the host Katie Phang and guest Alexander Vindman, who was supposed to be offering his ‘expert’ opinion on Ukraine. It’s all on President Donald Trump, they claim.

How much can we point to Trump’s “very obsequious treatment of Vladimir Putin for undermining any deterrence that might have prevented Putin from getting this close to invading Ukraine at this time?” Phang asked.

Vindman responded that Putin was acting on “need and opportunity.” Then he blamed Putin’s actions on the U.S. appearing “weak because of the hyperpolarization within the U.S. society.”

“That is being driven by President Trump and his proxies weakening the foundations of democracy. I have every confidence if we did not have an insurrection on Jan. 6, if we did not have an attack on the Capitol, I don’t think Vladimir Putin would see the same kinds of weaknesses…That’s all the responsibility of Donald Trump.”

It’s hilarious. They act as if Trump were still in office, but Trump hasn’t been in office for more than a year. Joe Biden seems completely absent from the discussions. Perhaps that’s accurate, since Biden is completely missing when action is needed.

But when Trump was in office, notice that Putin didn’t dare to make the moves that he’s now making. We’re only here now because Joe Biden is in the office. They need to make everything about Trump and a three-hour riot that happened more than a year ago because if they looked at things honestly, they’d have to blame Biden. This is MSNBC’s expert opinion?

Perhaps we should remind these ridiculous people it was Trump who ‘obsequiously’ dropped bombs on the heads of Russian military contractors who fired too close to our military in Syria?

A US-funded news agency intercepted phone calls and captured Russian military contractors. “We got our f— asses beat rough, my men called me … They’re there drinking now … many have gone missing … it’s a total f— up,” one Russian paramilitary chief said, according to, the US-funded fact-checking website.

That’s how Trump dealt with Russia. Trump was not at all shy about showing force in strategic ways and it paid off — no war. Biden was not the only one who caused us to have another debacle in Afghanistan. He may also have created the conditions for another crisis in Ukraine.

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