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Crenshaw Mocks Young Turks Host for ‘Fantasy’ About Terrorist Having Sex With His Eyehole

Rep. Dan Crenshaw fired back Wednesday after a Young Turks contributor praised the “brave fucking soldier” behind the IED explosion that took his right eye in Afghanistan. 

Hasan Piker, the nephew of the left-wing media network’s founder Cenk Uygur, delivered the rant during a livestream on Twitch. He was commenting on Crenshaw’s appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, which aired earlier in the day.

Piker said that Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL who was wounded during one of his five tours of duty and went on to earn a graduate degree in public policy from Harvard University, “has the understanding of foreign policy of like a 12 year old.”

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“What the fuck is wrong with this dude?” Piker said. “Didn’t he go to war and like literally loose his eye become some mujahideen, a brave fucking soldier, fucked his eye hole with their dick? Isn’t that how he lost his fucking dumbass eye, because he got his fucking eyehole fucked by a brave soldier? Didn’t he learn?”

After railing against Crenshaw, Piker declared: “American deserved 9/11, dude. Fuck it I’m saying it.”

Crenshaw fires back at Young Turks contributor

Conservative commentators slammed Piker for his comments about Crenshaw.

Many also took issue with his Sept. 11 heresy.

Crenshaw, by now a battle-tested culture warrior, responded on Twitter Wednesday. He called Piker “no Pete Davidson,” a Saturday Night Light cast member who apologized to the lawmaker last year after cracking a joke about his missing eye and advised the activist to “stop trying so hard.”

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However, Piker was unapologetic, standing by his Sept. 11 analysis.

Piker, who hosts “The Breakdown” on the TYT network is no stranger to controversy, having recently exploded on his viewers for accusing him of sexism.

For the most part though, he and the Young Turks are known for bombastic attacks against conservatives. Uygur in May accused Trump of starting a “new KKK” to “terrorize Muslims and minorities in this country.”

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