Liberal Commentator Fed Up With Identity Politics Snaps During Live Stream – Turns on His Own Audience

Hasan Piker, a political commentator for the progressive news network The Young Turks, exploded on his viewers Wednesday after they accused him of “sexism” for criticizing Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Piker, who hosts “The Breakdown” on the TYT network, made the remarks during a live stream of the first night of the Democratic primary debate.

“I’m done with all of you, first and foremost,” he said. “I’ve been shitting… I’ve been taking fat dookies on every single person in a humorous – albeit in a humorous fashion – where like I say, ‘You’re bald Joe Biden.’ No one says anything.”

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“When I’m shitting on the fucking straight, white dudes – you guys are literally turning me into a fucking reactionary!” he added. “When I shit on the straight, white dudes in the exact same fashion, no one fucking bats an eye. But as soon as I say Klobuchar’s a fucking sociopath, because literally her staff members have said she’s a fucking sociopath, everyone’s like ‘I can’t believe you guys are attacking a woman.’ Shut the fuck up, dude. Yeah, I fucking hate women, how about that? Fuck you!”

Hasan Piker and the identity politics hangover

Piker is far from alone in his frustration with woke sensitivity. His rant earned him an unlikely admirer in Infowars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson.

Many on the right have forcefully pushed back against the excesses of identity politics. Conservatives often say they’re frustrated with what they view as progressives’ fixation on microaggressions and an intolerance for views that diverge from politically correct orthodoxy.

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Nor is Piker the only liberal to face the wrath of his own side. Earlier this year, Justin Roiland, co-creator of Adult Swim animated TV show “Rick and Morty,” outraged liberal denizens of Twitter by suggesting that extremism was found both sides of the political spectrum.

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