Yahoo Boosts WH Flack: Trump, Putin ‘Two Nauseating, Fearful Pigs’ Who Hate America

Dylan Stableford of Yahoo News felt it newsworthy Thursday to raise a Trumpesque tweet by a White House spokeswoman directed at Trump, and Putin. Andrew Bates (deputy White House press secretary), joined the Biden campaign as Director for Rapid Response (not Rabid Response). 

A top White House spokesman on Thursday called former President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin “two nauseating, fearful pigs who hate what America stands for” after Trump again praised Putin’s invasion of Ukraine….

Two fearful, nauseating pigs that hate America’s valuesAnd whose actions are driven by insecurity and weakness. They rub their snouts together, and celebrate as they lose their,” Bates tweeted.

Liberals loved it!

Who would like to verify that Trump celebrates the death of Ukrainians in Ukraine? It’s odd that Trump is praising his “weakness”, when Trump has never invaded Ukraine. But, Obama has now invaded Ukraine. under Biden?

Yahoo is ignoring an attack by “American Bridge 21st Century,” a partisan opposition-research outfit. Bates spent two years working for American Bridge before joining the Biden campaign.

Trump praised Putin’s smarts again (and mocked Biden’s sanctions again) at a fundraiser for Senate candidates.  Trump stated, “I mean he’s takingover a country for $2 worth sanctions.” That’s quite clever, I’d think. He’s taking over a country — literally a vast, vast location, a great piece of land with a lot of people, and just walking right in.”

Ukraine is more than a place to build malls. Trump also has the bad habit of applauding some of the worst people. But the Democrats and their media colluders tend to ignore or downplay the next passage, where Trump says this invasion wouldn’t have happened if he were president. 

Bates did not take the award well last year when it came to voting. Wall Street Journal editorial board mocked his spending-bill spin by saying “One requirement of a modern political flack is being incapable of embarrassment.” That’s certainly true of this Ukraine tweet.

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