Wyoming School District Teaches Kids How To Safely Use Firearms

Today’s public schools have become indoctrination hotbeds, teaching the next generation of children everything from gender identity to (toxic) racial reconciliation strategies to outright communism. One Wyoming school is offering opportunities for students to acquire valuable life skills and go beyond standard subject matter.

Fifth-grade students in Wyoming’s Hot Spring County School District #1 were offered a three-week elective course on how to properly handle guns by shooting air rifles in a makeshift gun range at a gym. 

Dustin Hunt is the superintendent of the district. He said that the course was designed for students to learn practical skills they can use every day.

“One of the many beauties of public education is that locally elected school boards help shape curriculum to match community norms and needs…In Wyoming, the vast majority of households have firearms. It is important for students to safely learn about and respect things they will encounter in their everyday lives,” Hunt said.

This is the way that schools should operate, friends. You don’t have to give your students a broad knowledge base (which is essential), but you should offer them opportunities beyond the classroom that will allow them to apply what they learn in other aspects of their lives. If all we teach our children is algebra skills, then they won’t be able to succeed.

These actions were not appreciated by all. After receiving significant backlash, the school published a photo of students practising on Facebook. It then removed it.

But Wyoming gubernatorial candidate Aaron Nan (R.) rushed to the defense of the school, calling those who were offended “crybabies:”

“I fully support what the District was doing with this. This needs to be going on in schools across Wyoming,” Nab said.

This should happen in all American schools.

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