Womp, Womp, Womp: Fox News Bests CNN, MSNBC on January 6 Anniversary (By a Lot)

CNN and MSNBC spent overIt took 1,600 minutes to obsess over Thursday’s first anniversary of January 6th, riot at the U.S. Capitol. However it didn’t translate into success in ratings.

Nielsen Media Research’s early data shows that tFox News Channel won both viewers total with nearly 1.567million and 245,000. This was in addition to its win in the 25–54 audience.

Fox News released the following: FNC defeated CNN “in every hour across both categories” as the Jeff Zucker-led channel was only able to fetch 742,869 total viewers overall and 139,202 across Thursday in the demo.

MSNBC beat CNN in The total viewers were close to 1.049million viewers. They are just behind the 25-54 crowd.Comcast’s property attracted just 136.019 viewers.

And in the key 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Eastern block during which President Biden and Vice President Harris delivered remarks from Statuary Hall, CNN and MSNBC still couldn’t pull in a sizable audience.

Fox News came in second with a 2-1 vote. America’s Newsroom 1.58 Million viewers were able to watch the show and there was a demo of 232,112, compared with 1.083million and 144832 for MSNBC. CNN had 1.106 million viewers and 190.613.

CNN’s gambit that Americans would tune into see rank partisanship and destructive rhetoric failed as, according to Fox, “CNN also failed to break 1.5 million viewers in any hour throughout the day” and both CNN and MSNBC lost “nearly 90 percent” of their primetime demo and total viewers compared to the same date a year ago.

Liz Cheney, Vice Chair of the January 6 Select Committee (R-WY), received positive coverage. She also got interviews from her friends at liberal networks. A challenging, but important interview on FNC’s Special Report “averaged 2.4 million and 311,000, besting CNN by triple digits.”

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