Why Is the Buffalo Narrative Being Driven, While the Laguna Woods Narrative Is Ignored? – Opinion

As I was looking at the news coverage on the Buffalo shooting at Tops Friendly Market Saturday and the Laguna Woods shoot at Geneva Presbyterian Church on Saturday, I noticed the difference in the media attention given to Buffalo and Laguna Woods. The Laguna Woods shooting is very close to my heart, but almost ignored.

From CBS News Los Angeles:

A gunman opened fire on Sunday at Laguna Woods Church, killing one person and injuring five more.

At 1:25 pm, the shooting took place at Geneva Presbyterian Church in El Toro Road’s 24000 block.

By the time Orange County Sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene, the suspect, later identified as 68-year-old David Chou of Las Vegas, was hogtied by an extension cord by churchgoers. The churchgoers had also confiscated at least two weapons, the sheriff’s department said.

Why are you doing this? It is notWhat is national news? Churchgoers chose not be statistics—Bravo! These congregants didn’t hide under their pews. They courageously faced the gunman and took away his weapons. Hog tiedHe waited patiently for the police to arrive.

That’s a script for a Hollywood blockbuster in my eyes.

It’s an incredible story on a number of levels, and should be lauded, applauded, and reported from every major outlet. But the Laguna Woods shooting remains in the news. The Buffalo Shooting on Saturday continues to dominate news coverage and analysis. The shooter is the tragedy in both shootings. They came to the target area from outside of town. They were not theirs.

It is however quite shocking to choose one story over the other.

Brad Slager, my colleague wrote this article about the selective coverage of our sister website Townhall.

As most know, of all of these incidents, one is getting far more coverage – and one is getting far more “analysis.” A proper thinking individual might suggest these all warrant a level of introspection, yet the press in this country have shown that being proper is not a highly-listed priority. These incidents are often criticized at a selective level. It is easy to understand why.

California’s Governor Gavin Newsom, who is under the delusion that he is running for the presidency, decided the world needed to know about his outrage over the Buffalo Shooting:

Hair Gel talks out his back parts, as usual. New York gun laws are probably stricter than California’s, so that “easy access to firearms” is quickly shot down as a falsehood.

But here’s the kicker. Laguna Woods was shot on Sunday at 1.25 pm. Although it is Monday, Hairfulness doesn’t seem to be outraged at the targeted and fatal shooting of Asians inside a California Presbyterian church. supposed to be governing!

Just because the Laguna Woods shooter was the same race as the people he targeted doesn’t mean it isn’t racial hatred. The lazy politicians and media like to lump different races under the banner of “Asian,” but it doesn’t mean the people who occupy that group identify with each other or even like each other.

It says a lot regarding America’s treatment of race. The phrase “People of Color”? A bag of rocks is more boring than it sounds.

Laguna Woods Shooting took place at a local church. The supercharged atmosphere caused by the leakage of the SCOTUS draft opinions on Dobbs. v. Jackson Women’s HealthBecause of churches’ stand for life, the pro-death group are attacking them. As my colleague Brad Slager noted in the Townhall article mentioned above, this past week of destruction and tragedy included the firebombing of two pro-life resource centers in Madison, Wisconsin and Keizer, Oregon.

The three cases are examples of domestic terror. However, our California governor seems to only recognize domestic terrorism when the victim is a white pro-lifer.

This should be enough to get your attention.

Recent news has covered a lot of mass shootings. One occurred the day after the Laguna Woods Presbyterian Church shooting. Two people were killed and three others critically injured at a Flea Market near Houston, Texas. The news copy is fascinating in that it doesn’t bother to mention the races of the shooters or the victims. KHOU-TV Houston reported that the wounded men were the same men who participated in the altercation and escalation. The flea market attracted thousands, but there were no innocent witnesses.

That ruined the narrative meters, and it had barely any impact on coverage.

In the November 2021 Waukesha massacre, a Black supremacist used an SUV to kill parade-goers. The media then rushed to cover the story, before they discovered the identity of the accused attacker. It was quickly revealed that the SUV is an animate force that kills people.

The Buffalo full-court media is leaking stories that the Buffalo shooter had the names of white victims of the Waukesha massacre on his gun. Now the legacy media has to pay more attention to the tragedy of Waukesha while they try to milk analysis of “replacement theory” and ignore that a Rachel Maddow-loving, mentally ill man took 10 lives.

The Sacramento shooting in April left the news cycle faster than you can say, “Brylcreem,” because the investigation found that it was gang-related. Black-on Black crime? You can see: Illinois, Chicago(The right love to make it a point about how terrible the Left is, and how pro-law enforcement their policies are. Who are the disserviced? Black people in particular, and the communities—no matter what the race demographic—where these incidents happen, in general. Sacramento’s demographic of over 500 thousand people are majority White and Hispanic, with a sprinkling of Black, Asian, Native Islander, and even Native American lumped in. Bottom line: This shooting didn’t fit Governor Hair Gel’s gun control, white terrorism narrative, so he looked toward the next national tragedy he could be outraged over.

There is nothing to be seen here. Keep moving.

Selective outrage can be mind-numbing especially when seen through the eyes of someone who analyses and reports on the news. All narratives are irrelevant when it comes to legacy media’s partnership with the leftist agenda. Only those that will serve their ends matter.

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