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Why Faith is so Important

Faith is a word that often gets thrown around to describe someone’s belief in God. Whether it is good or bad, usually depends on the person’s individual experience with religion. However, Father Rutler takes another approach to faith. He believes that believers should be practicing faith whenever they can. In a recent interview, he was asked “why young people are losing their faith in the church?” And his response was that humans cannot lose faith, because it was given to us from God. Instead we throw faith away Faith is what keeps us going when things are bad and it is there when things are going well. By misinterpreting faith one misses the point of faith all together.

The point of faith is to remain the presence of God. Knowing that He is with us always. But faith is not just about knowing that God is with us. But about living in a community of people bound together by this belief.

Father George Rutler, said that we throw faith away. Because it is a gift from God we cannot lose it, we have always had access to it. It’s like if someone was given a sweater and they did not put it on, they just held it in their hands. Then a wind was to blow and the person would be really cold. Instead of putting on the sweater they toss it aside because it was not keeping them warm like they thought it would. Instead it wasn’t very helpful at all. Faith is like a sweater. We were given it, but instead of putting it on and cherishing it, we hold it in our hands until life gets difficult or we come to a difficult situation and then we toss it aside, because it did not help us the way we hoped. But faith does not work like that, nor do sweaters. We must put on the sweater to be warm from the wind. Likewise faith is not contained to our time or circumstances. Faith is important to hold no matter what happens.

That is why, we must not just know God but also practice faith because this is how we remain grounded by staying connected to God, the church, and our community. Together we will be able so see the importance of faith. We are not alone, and we should not live our lives as such. If 2020 and the global pandemic has taught us anything it is that faith is the only unwavering thing. Jobs are not promised, health is not promised, tomorrow is not promised. But when we are grounded in faith, we are connected to the bigger picture. That God is with us, even in the midst of these unprecedented times. And we are not alone, we have people bound together in this community going through the same struggles. If anything this pandemic has brought us closer together even staying six feet apart.

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