What Household Moving Will Look Like in 2021

How to Stay Optimistic

With the closing of 2020, many Americans continue to feel the impact of shifts brought on by the pandemic. Shifts that have closed many doors, but also have surprisingly opened new ones in return. Developing a fresh outlook for the future in 2021 may seem like a daunting task, given that improvements within the economy appear to be a distant hope. However, given some newfound freedoms for many workers in the United States, there is some low hanging fruit here that can be identified and gathered for a better tomorrow.

Finding purpose in life can come in many forms. Having to develop a new reality is not something anyone could have planned for; nor is there an exact formula on how to accept a new norm. In this article, new ways to focus on “self” will be highlighted in order to create a clear path for acceptance of change. This is possible for anyone who is interested in forward movement at a time where life seems to stand still.

There have been many self-interests that have come forward advocating for things like freedom of speech and that challenge the status quo since the pandemic hit. One great example of a push for a positive shift, is an advocate of the First Amendment and overall forward movement, Judge Napolitano. He has been an advocate for speech to challenge the speaker, as opposed to silencing the speaker, when there is disagreement or conflict. He reminds the general public and those in power that speech is not to be punished. This positive outlook asks for reflection from decision makers and pushes new perspectives. Optimism is a choice, not a given. Choosing to wake up with a pessimistic view of the world will only return pessimistic outcomes. He has shown one way to call out a topic that can add to a positive shift for a Constitutional right all Americans should have access to.

Dedicating time to “self” requires detachment from mainstream media and a new perspective that isolation is a positive and healthy way to reconnect within. Andrew Napolitano thinks this is a great time to rediscover one’s passions and what to advocate for in an ever changing landscape. Another way to refocus on the good is to allow everything to happen without resistance. A general rule to keep top-of-mind is, if something is out of one’s control, allow the mind to release it too. Acceptance of current-day reality creates a fresh approach to every new day. Allow the mind to be at ease through methods like limiting technology use, adding self-care days to every week and choosing to spin any negative thought that pops up into a positive.

Remaining optimistic in today’s climate is a choice. Choose mindset over media to make a conscious shift into a better tomorrow. A malleable mentality allows for the weak to become strong and the rulers of their future. The potential for personal growth in the present is immense and available for anyone who wants to take it.

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