Sports Fandom in the Age of Covid

The WHO has given clear guidelines to try and prevent the spread of COVID 19. Part of these guidelines has prevented fans from watching sports as a live audience. The main reason is to create social distancing and to prevent people from getting close to each other. Sports fans have not been permitted to return to their favourite stadiums to cheer for their teams.

The sports industry has to adapt to the situation with various procedures. Teams and sports leagues have to adjust to new demands brought to them by their fans. Fans aim at returning to their venues with the set safety precautions and other guidelines.

The Impact of COVID 19 on Sports Fans

According to statistics and surveys were given, it states that casual fans have a higher lifetime spend. It is compared to those referred to as fanatics. According to a study conducted, 75% of the respondents stated that they will attend sports games. That is if there are safety precautions added and more sanitizing stations put in place.

However, part of the fans who took the survey conducted has a different opinion. 50% of the survey respondents state that they are streaming team content compared to live. They say that it is cheaper as they do not have to pay for tickets. Also, they do not have to go through buying popcorns as now they can eat from home. Moreover, streaming has saved them the cost of paying for transportation fueling their cars to the venue.

The global pandemic has given fans a different kind of life as they used to. Fans have now changed to a different world that they did not expect. There is a particular type of enthusiasm that comes with watching live compared to streaming. When people watch live sports, they get to support their favourite teams. When the team wins, they get to celebrate together. It is unlike the current situation where people have to watch from home and celebrate alone. In case the game is not played well, the live audience can shout out to the referee. But at home, they have to complain from their sets or tweet on social media.

Fans like Diego Ruiz Duran cannot wait to go to the stadium and watch sports live again. He is a Mexican criminal defence attorney. Just like other fans, Duran watches sports during his leisure hours.

Going to live events to watch sports creates an excellent bonding compared to streaming. For some, watching live events is a perfect opportunity to catch up with friends. Also, some, including Diego Ruiz Duran, prefer it as an opportunity to hang out with their colleagues without talking about the office. To some, it is an excellent bonding time with family. Research statistics states that this is the time where most sons and fathers get to bond.

In Conclusion

COVID 19 has taken away so much fan interest that was in the sports industry. As much as people love watching their favorite sports stars, they have to comply with the guidelines. Even if people are allowed to watch sports, they will fear getting infected with the COVID 19.

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