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In one of the multitudes of daily cringeworthy moments in the bizarre world of “Joe and Kamala,” our intrepid president strode (walked like he had a long stick stuck up his — oh, never mind — in “stilted fashion”) down the hall into the office of his indispensable vice president and presented her with a bouquet of flowers on Wednesday, Harris’s 57th birthday. This was an amazing thing. I’m lying — it was creepy as hell.

Various media took on the fake propaganda video are just as hilarious. Daily Mail is one example.

‘Really? Oh Joe!’ birthday girl Kamala Harris, 57, coos with delight as Biden presents her with a bunch of flowers and a picture of them together as Capitol staffers serenade her with Happy Birthday. Why are all of them still wearing masks?

Harris was presented with flowers by the President and was then greeted warmly by her staff as she celebrated her birthday at the White House.

President Joe Biden held a bouquet and a framed photo of them both as he walked into the vice president’s office in a 34-second video posted on Twitter Wednesday night.

Harris, aged 57, donned a grey jacket and matching pants. Harris stood in front of her desk laughing at the sight that the commander-in chief was carrying presents.

CaCkLeS™ laughing? You didn’t even know!

Incidentally, how bizarre was Harris yelling “Surprise!” at her own “surprise” birthday party? The take by Dave Rubin from the Biden Harris video was, according to The Blaze one of my favorite.

On “The Rubin Report” Thursday, BlazeTV host Dave Rubin shared a must-see [34-second]Clip of Kamala Harris, Vice President [The tweet ]President Joe Biden tweeted it.

White House propaganda shows a mask-wearing Joe Biden handing Vice President Harris flowers. She quickly removes her mask to take part in the bizarre photo shoot.

Here’s the hilarious clip. The 34-second clip is too funny not to consume.

I don’t know about you but I was particularly touched by the part where out-of-it Joe presented Kamala with the framed pic of the two of them, prompting Harris to sickeningly lie about how touched by Joe’s gesture she was and that she would hang the picture in her office “with great pride.”

It’s a bunch of crap.

Let’s go to The Babylon Bee for an honest report on how Kamala Harris It is reallyJoe Biden feels the same.

Kamala Harris Instructed To Stop Answering All Her Phone Calls With ‘Did He Die?’

ThisAmerica is What it is. 

Here’s more, from the best satire site on the planet:

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Vice President Kamala Harris has developed a bad habit, which White House staffers are trying to train her to not do. Any time the phone rings in her office in the West Wing, Harris immediately scrambles for it and answers with an expectant, “Did he die?!”

“That’s just not a professional way to answer the phone,” Ronald Klain, President Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff, told her.

“Well, what am I supposed to say?” Harris asked.

“Try, ‘Hello.’”

It rang once more. Harris immediately grabbed it and said, “Hello, did he die?”

Klain told her that still wasn’t appropriate.


The door opened and there was a knock. Harris ran for the door and opened it, yelling, “Did he die, and you’ve come to tell me in person?!” But it was just an Amazon delivery. […]

As we’re more than aware, the best vice president in the history of the United States — as measured by gender and skin color — is not a newcomer to the film industry. No. Let’s take a short RedState trip down memory lane and revisit a few of Harris’s greatest hits, shall we?

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