Did Biden Just Try to Flip the ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Meme? – Opinion

We’ve seen the meme of “Let’s go, Brandon” take off.

It’s perfect — both a more acceptable version to use in the public square rather than its more ribald inspiration — “F**k Joe Biden” — and a jab at the fake news nature of the media because of the reporter who falsely claimed  the chant people were hearing at a NASCAR race was the Brandon chant rather than “F**k Joe Biden.” That’s what kicked it off.

We’ve now seen it everywhere from college football games, a Trump rally, live on of Fox — and it’s definitely a big staple at anti-mandate protests and anti-Joe Biden protests that we’ve seen in places like Michigan, NYC, the Boeing plant in Washington state. It’s even become part of a number 1 trending song on iTunes which is pretty funny.

The chant was even used by Rep. Bill Posey, R-FL on the House floor this morning. He described the chant to be a symbol for the anger and frustration the American people feel towards Joe Biden’s failures.

Biden has made it clear that he’s been upset by this viral movement against his bad policies. He’s mentioned it on multiple occasions, including inappropriately on 9/11 while visiting the memorial in Shanksville, PA, when he invoked the Flight 93 dead to ask what they would think of people holding up signs that said “F**k” someone. When he visited Michigan, he tried to discredit it by claiming that he had 81,000,000 people who had voted for him. So it’s clearly hit a nerve with him.

Biden posted a video with Brandon and urged people to support his Build Back better bill. This got a lot attention today.

Now, either Biden is completely in the dark about how the term has morphed into “Let’s go, Brandon” and is accidentally kicking it up by talking with a man named Brandon (unlikely, based on Biden’s prior comments, as I said) or, as some surmised, Biden was consciously and rather cynically using this gentleman to try to flip the meme, which is pretty bad.

It didn’t go well on Twitter, with people being supportive of this man, Brandon, but not Joe Biden, blasting him for what they perceived as the effort to do in the meme this way. Many repeated the meme and others said that if Biden did want to stamp out the Brandon chant, they could all just stick to the original chant that Biden really doesn’t like. This is probably not Joe’s best choice.

But if he’s really trying to fight the meme, how petty is that? He might have more pressing things to accomplish, such as addressing the many problems with his policies and lack thereof which caused frustration and anger. You should care more about America’s people than you do about your own fragile ego.

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