Twitter’s Reaction to Bette Midler’s Rejection of Wokeness Proves Her Point – Opinion

As we reported, Bette Midler set the internet on fire with her Tweet about trying to phase out the term “woman.”

She was immediately attacked by those on the left as anti-transgender and called a “TERF” (trans-exclusionary radical feminist).

But what was particularly funny about Midler’s tweet was that she didn’t seem to understand that it’s her “side” — the folks on the left — who are pushing those terms that erase women. The very people that she’s constantly supporting in her extreme tweets are the ones pushing the terms like “birthing people” — that’s leftists like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) using those terms.

This greatly amused many conservatives on Twitter.

Midler received a lot from both sides on her tweet. But perhaps the most notable reaction was probably from Twitter with its description about the topic.

“Actor Better Midler shares a tweet directed at women, criticising inclusive language around bodies.” Inclusive language around bodies? What is that? The language she’s criticizing is inclusive of all kinds of terms — except the term that defines who can get pregnant — “women.” Twitter just went down the rabbit hole into “bodies” because just like Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, they don’t want to get into defining “women.” Their description is proving the very point that Midler was making — that even Twitter doesn’t want to go down that road and instead settles on “bodies” rather than getting into it. So rather than truly defining things, they run in the opposite direction — using the least detailed, amorphous term when trying to describe the terms Midler was talking about. They don’t just avoid delimiting women but also minimize people as body parts. How “inclusive” is that?

One would never have believed we’d get to this point, where the leftist politics of some people refuses to define what a woman looks like. This is the perfect example of what the left has turned into. Unfortunately, we’ve come to see so many examples. However, humanity has the ability to correct itself when it reaches absurdities like these. We’re already seeing a course correction coming, back to sanity, with voters largely rejecting Democratic extremism in the elections we’ve seen recently, such as the election of Mayra Flores in a historically Democratic district. We’ll see more of this, come the election in November.

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