Twitter Take on Why ‘Waukesha’ Is Trending Shows Exactly Why We Need Elon Musk and a Little Sanity – Opinion

In the wake of the shooting in Buffalo, we saw “Waukesha” trending on Twitter.

What was the reason it became so popular? It was because, while the Buffalo shooter’s racial animus was quickly recognized, it seemed that both his agency and the Waukesha Christmas Parade attack were downplayed, or ignored, by media. We saw media acting as though the car did it, or calling it a “crash” or even “accident.”

You could also use tweets such as this:

Or this one from the Washington Post that we covered, the attack was “caused by a SUV.”

The police claimed that the attacker was not just intent to attack, but also zig-zagged in order to strike as many people as possible.

Twitter has often provided a brief explanation of a topic that is trending. But for that explainer for “Waukesha” on Sunday, Twitter had the very same problem that people complained about after the Christmas parade attack, as Townhall’s Rebecca Downs observed. The car drove itself in the parade without any mention of Darrell Brooks, who was the defendant.

When you deny the truth, who do you serve? Every side has its evils and/or insane. But it’s this kind of thing that invites accusations of bias, downplaying some stories, and magnifying other stories to serve a media narrative.

In the case of the Buffalo shooter, you have some on the left immediately rushing to attack Tucker Carlson when there isn’t even any evidence that the shooter watched him or was influenced by him in any way. Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson isn’t urging people to commit white supremacist attacks or shoot anyone. So this is a dishonest game that’s being played here, to once again try to attack Fox and take down his show by the left, using such a tragedy and it’s despicable. Indeed, in the alleged manifesto of the shooter, he defined himself as “mild-moderate authoritarian left,” attacked Fox with an anti-semitic meme, and said he wanted no part of conservatism because it was “corporatism” in disguise. However, most liberal media will ignore this.

It is this reason that so many want Elon Musk to be the next CEO in order to bring about some changes on the platform. Because at this point, it’s become a parody of itself when it does things like this.

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