Joe Biden’s Hypocrisy on Mass Killings Is Morally Depraved – Opinion

Tragedy struck on Saturday after an evil 18-year-old white supremacist and self-described “moderate left authoritarian” entered a Buffalo, NY, store and opened fire. Ten are already dead and others are still hurt.

Joe Biden, for his part, is heading to the site, annoucing a visit to the region almost immediately following the incident. This decision was made without hesitation.

In a vacuum, there’s nothing wrong with a president visiting the site of a mass killing. In some ways, it’s fairly selective given the far greater amount of death that occurs from other violent means on a daily basis in the United States, but with the spotlight on Buffalo, it’s not at all out of bounds to go there.

Rather, what strikes me about this is the disgusting hypocrisy being displayed, to the point where it is now obvious that the White House lied about the president’s inability to visit Waukesha after an outspoken black nationalist killed six and injured 62 there last year in Wisconsin.

Let me clarify. Biden couldn’t go to Waukesha because it would require “too many assets,” but he can have a trip planned to Buffalo within hours? Anyone with a brain can see what’s going on here. While the Waukesha murder didn’t fit into the story, the Buffalo killing did. That’s true both on racial grounds and the tool used, with a car being used in the former and a gun in the latter.

It’s amazing, just think about it. You can see that President Trump is choosing the mass killings he will respond to, based only on political considerations. Just when I thought he couldn’t sink any lower, he somehow manages to outdo himself.

Of course, he’s just following the lead of a news industry that does the same thing. While the Waukesha killings solicited a range of stories blaming the car and obfuscating the assailant, they’ve had no problem pushing the “right-wing terrorism” message in regards to the Buffalo killing. Even though the murderer had a wide range of beliefs and was a communist, environmentalist, as well as racial animus.

However, the press corps should do their best to defend this latest attack on political opponents. What we shouldn’t expect is the president to do the same. Do you see any lines? There is no argument that Waukesha isn’t possible to visit but Buffalo is due to logistics. It is morally depraved that the White House lies about possible Waukesha trips in an effort to hide inconvenient facts. To operate in this manner, how cold can a person?

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