Tucker Carlson Receives Some Vindication After Harsh Criticism of His Putin Commentary – Opinion

As my colleague Brandon Morse reported, harsh criticism followed Tucker Carlson’s commentary on Vladimir Putin and Russia Tuesday night.

Carlson is not one who follows orders. He asked his audience what they thought. Why When so many major problems threaten American daily life, they will be asked to love Putin and make it a priority. The suggestion was not that one should love or even like Putin, but that it’s acceptable to simply Don’t worryAbout him. However, there was a chorus of outrage and accusations that Carlson was a traitor. For a moment, it felt like 2004 again.

A new AP/NORC poll shows that 26 percent of Americans support the United States taking a central role in the conflict between Russia, Ukraine.

Carlson stressed that those who are going to lead such a battle, either economically or militarily have proven themselves corrupt and completely inept. Thus, it’s not surprising at all that the vast majority of Americans want no part in bearing the cost of another costly, foreign policy adventure.

And to be clear, Americans aren’t just worried about the costs related to a possible military action. The energy costs have been rising rapidly, which has already put severe pressure on the middle and poor. Few are prepared to drain their bank accounts further to defend the sovereignty of Ukraine’s Donbas region. Yet, that’s exactly what the White House is asking them to do, and this poll shows that to be a wildly unpopular position.

I wonder what the reaction to this unpopularity will be. Well, you can expect the way-too-online crowd to insist that only a rube wouldn’t believe Putin is a priority worth sacrificing one’s personal savings over, but I’m not sure how effective that will be in persuading the masses. That’s not even to say I agree with everything Carlson had to say. I do think countering Russia’s aggression (and China’s aggression, even more so) is a worthy pursuit, though not that it should be the nation’s primary one.

However, this should be achieved through policies that are actually logical. We don’t understand much of what is being said right now. While Nordstream 2 was being approved, it didn’t make sense to end Keystone XL. It didn’t make sense to lift the sanctions against Russian officials, without receiving anything in return. Those asinine decisions led to where we are today, but the leaders who made them now want Americans to sacrifice more for their incompetence without even explaining why it’s necessary?

That’s just not going to fly. It’s clear that this poll isn’t going to fly.

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