Kyle Rittenshouse Plans On Suing LeBron James For Defamatory Comments

Keep an eye out for King James.

After being acquitted in a self defense case in November, the teenager plans to sue any major media outlet and anyone who defamed it during his trial. A fundraiser will also be set up to fund people looking to make similar claims.

Rittenhouse intends to sue LeBron James of Los Angeles Lakers, who mocked Rittenhouse for crying during a crucial moment in the trial. 

Rittenhouse went on the premier episode of journalist Drew Hernandez’s new show “Frontlines” to announce his intention:

“Anybody who defamed me, or lied about me, we’re just gonna send them a letter and then deal with them in a courtroom,” Rittenhouse said.

James was awarded a letter by Rittenhouse because he tweeted about a young NBA player who claimed that the man faked crying during the trial.

It doesn’t matter if this proves enough to win a case, but it does show that Rittenhouse is strong and determined to defend his name and life against anyone who tries to destroy his reputation.

America could take a cue from him about how to face bullies.

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