NY Magazine: Parents ‘Tyrants’ for Not Wanting Trans Agenda In Schools

Leftists think that they have your kids. Do you doubt me? Take a look at the article. New York Magazine‘s Intelligencer. In the article titled “Household Tyrants,” writer Sarah Jones begins by fear-mongering: Florida Republicans are putting children in danger to enable parents. 

Jones argues that Florida’s pending Parental Rights in Education bill, which would “prevent public-school districts from ‘encouraging classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity,’”This is a negative thing.

Jones says that if you do not want your 11-year old child to learn about transgender ideologies and other inappropriate sexual terms and theories then you are a dictator and bigot.

A proposed amendment to the bill, she said, would permit the school to delay in notifying parents. “a child’s disclosure about their gender identity or sexual orientation to parents within six weeks.”

I suspect that isn’t what Jones is mad about. Jones believes teachers should be allowed to withhold data about children.

Jones adds his thoughts later on. “the GOP’s position on parental rights isn’t entirely coherent. The rights of parents are violated theoretically if there is a ban on gender-confirming therapy to transgender children.

Jones does not understand that abuse is against the law.

The bill addresses elementary-aged children. Young children don’t understand the concepts of a man and a woman. Parents shouldn’t be allowed to chemically castrate their children or give them sex hormone injections (which is what “gender-confirming therapy” is). When the child turns eighteen and still wants to do that, then it’s their prerogative as a legally recognized adult.

“The right insists that what’s good for parents is good for kids,” Jones claims, “the idea that children are already people, with thoughts and needs independent of their parents, never factors into the party’s position at all.”

No one doubts children are humans (except for the right-leaning left), but to think that children’s thoughts or needs must be considered seriously is insane. If your child wanted to eat candy all day long, would you let them? Children don’t know what is healthy for them. Parents are there to protect their children’s well-being. 

This is the end of this article: 

To the GOP, the parent exists to enforce the party’s will, as though the parent is simply the local arm of a national entity. The state may limit the powers of parents who do not obey. In this sense, authoritarianism does not work. The rights that are granted to followers do not extend to those who disobey. The punishment for the former is death, which extends to their kids. GOP has been increasingly anti-democratic and is therefore the party of parental rights. It has become the party of ruthless, cynical power, and children aren’t exempt from its schemes. In fact, they’re key.

Because it supports parental rights, the Republican Party is antidemocratic. This is not an oxymoron. These are the thoughts of leftist media about you. The leftist media treats parents who do not want their kids handed over to them with contempt.

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