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On his show on Friday night, Tucker Carlson went off on Joe Biden’s cognitive decline and he made some observations about Joe Biden that need some answers.

Carlson began the story with the report from Rep. Ronny Johnson (R.TX), who once served as the White House doctor starting with George W. Bush. Donald Trump also had that role. Jackson made a tweet during the 2020 campaign claiming that Biden required a cognitive test, after seeing what was happening. Barack Obama then sent Jackson an angry mail.

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Well, within 20 minutes, Jackson recalls in his new memoir, Barack Obama sent him an email, a characteristically sneering one and we’re quoting, “I have to express my disappointment at the cheap shot you took at Joe Biden via Twitter,” Obama said. “It was unprofessional. I expect better.” [….]

You don’t need to see Joe Biden as he is. You might think he’s mentally, physically and cognitively incapable of holding the office. You can’t say that and if you do, Barack Obama will scold you personally immediately.

Fast forward to 2022, and Carlson noted that now you’re getting questions all over the media about Biden’s condition.

NEW YORK TIMES PETER BAKER: His mobility problems have caused him to shuffle. His speeches can sometimes be somewhat sloppy, or he may seem to temporarily get lost or have trouble recalling his names. [….]

VAN JONES : JONES : When he stumbles you feel nervous. Are they tired? … Listen, if anybody says the Democrats aren’t beginning to have these questions behind closed doors, that’s not true. These people are.

Tucker noted he’s been raising questions about Joe Biden since May 14, 2019, with this comment from Biden, allegedly on tariffs.

BIDEN: I’ll answer this question. Answer: Yes. President Trump has only done more to increase tariffs, debt and trade deficit. We must have our friends with us. This is the only way we can move ahead. It’s not just us. It is our responsibility to ensure that the whole world remains united. Secondly, we should, labor should be at the table as well as our allies, because that’s the only thing and the fourth thing we should do is be focusing on the things that, in fact, I’ve been talking about for a long time. China’s greatest violation is the way in which they steal our intellectual property. We should make it quid pro quo, as I’ve told when I was dealing with Xi Jinping. It shouldn’t be complicated. Here’s the deal. For China to invest, it is necessary that 50% of the assets be held by Chinese. What is the surprise? In America, it’s the same thing. The idea that you can deal with everyone is a way to make sure the farmers and workers are not the ones paying. He’s going about it all the wrong way. A lot of bravado, no action.

But wait a second, you’re saying to yourself, that didn’t make any sense. In the full one minute of speaking, there was not a word that conveyed any meaningful idea. That wasn’t even word salad. It was actually a Jackson Pollack verbal painting. Nouns, verbs, adjectives spilled like cans of paint bleeding into each other—a sticky, post-modern mess. Biden actually went from point two to point four at one time, just to prove that old linear assumptions about numerical sequences are wrong. That’s yesterday’s mathematics.

We’ve seen a lot of stuff like this from Joe Biden since then.

Carlson also mentioned something else that raised many questions.

Now, it sounds absurd but we came up with a conclusion which seemed to be logical. This guy can’t be the Democratic nominee. He cannot even speak. He can barely speak. It turned out that Dr. Jill was his wife’s supervisor and gave him pills. Now, it’s not a guess. We’re not making that up. We’ve spoken directly to someone who was there and saw it happen multiple times.

Now, before taking the medication, this person said, Biden was “like a small child. You couldn’t communicate with him.” He changed completely because he was on drugs and he clearly still is on drugs. No one’s pushing to know what those drugs are. That’s what we should all know.

Democrats knew there were issues with Joe Biden, he said, but they didn’t care about the country, because all they were concerned about was power.

Now I don’t know if that story about the pills is true. Since we don’t know who the source is, I don’t know how to evaluate it. However, it raises some concerns, if true. Americans deserve to have the facts. Biden’s doctor has not reported on any cognitive issues.

But what we do know is that there have been questions about Biden’s cognitive ability for some time and going overseas as he just did tends to highlight those questions — it embarrasses us before the world and endangers national security. We’ve seen how foreign leaders have had to help him, such as when the Israeli President Isaac Herzog had to physically guide him to his seat this week as Biden shuffled forward and then lowered himself slowly into the seat. The comparison to Herzog — who is 61 — was striking. As I wrote, it’s not even so much how our friends are dealing with it, so much as how our enemies are taking it in. As we saw, he seemed to suggest that an insignificant incursion may not attract the same response as a larger attack by Russia on Ukraine. Russia invaded. In the instance of Shinzo abe’s assassination, Biden did not respond for several hours, and continued to do so until dawn.

It feels like it’s getting worse and we deserve some answers.

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