Midterm Variants, Ron Burgundy Moments, and Palace Intrigue

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#1 – Democrats Prepare a Mid-Term October Surprise to Influence the Election — by Bonchie

If you’ve read this far, you probably see where I’m going with this. The threat of COVID was used by Democrats to get through a range of state election legislation changes prior to 2020. It included swing states like Pennsylvania. Unmonitored drop boxes were placed in cities to facilitate mail-in voting. Things like so-called “drive-thru voting” also became popularized as well as extensions that allowed ballots to be returned well after election day.

What that all added up to was a chaotic free-for-all of an election with very few guardrails, and that’s exactly what Democrats want to see again in November. The fraud issue can also be put aside. Let’s face it, Democrats get a lot out of ballot harvesting or mass mail-in voter registration. There’s a reason they wanted to federalize those practices while eliminating election security provisions like voter ID.

As we enter the autumn, it is clear that the White House has a strategy to encourage more COVID panic. This hysteria can be used as justification for a push to amend election laws. Democrats need something to change the game because their actual governance isn’t going to cut it.


Joe Biden
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#2 – White House Falsifies Official Transcript to Protect America’s Senile President — by Bonchie 

Little did anyone know that we’d end up with a real-life Ron Burgundy in the White House nearly two decades later. Joe Biden has had numerous fights with his comically oversized teleprompter (see here, here, and here), and on Friday, he channeled Burgundy by repeating the instructions “end of quote” and “repeat the line” while squinting to see the oversized font in front of him (Biden can’t use a regular teleprompter, so he uses an enormous television instead).

Once the clip started to go viral, Biden’s assistant press secretary jumped in to claim that he actually said “let me repeat that line.” As you can see from the video, that’s just an outright lie, and it led to a legendary ratio.


AR-15, Sig Sauer, NRA Convention 2019
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#3 – An Expert Answers Democrats’ Most Burning Question: Why Does Anyone Need an AR-15? — by Alex Parker

It’s a cry we hear time and again: Why does anyone need a black, spookily-shaped, mysterious “weapon of war” — which has never been used by the U.S. military?

Contrary to what is often said, the AR-15 rifle is not a modified version of an old-fashioned basic rifle. Take Daniel Boone’s “Old Tick Licker,” fast-forward 270 years, and you get something lighter, more capacious, more accurate, and more easily accessorized.

But why should you — or Daniel’s great (times six) grandchildren — own one? Via a recent video, gun guru Colion Noir fights that burning question with a well’s worth of water.


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#4 – White House Goes Weapons Hot on the Democrat Base as Divisions Explode Into the Open — by Bonchie 

Underdelivering and overpromising is an awful political strategy. It eventually catches up to any politician who attempts it. There’s a reason first mid-terms are so historically bad for new presidents. It is easy to lose the enthusiasm of a new presidency when you realize the reality of America’s constitutional system. Ironically, Kate Bedingfield who derogatoryly referred to Democrat activists is now leaving the White House. This further underscores the chaos.

The Biden administration can be compared to a car colliding in slow motion. You know how it ends but you just can’t look away, and every moment has you cringing. This is how it can be fixed. The simple answer is that it doesn’t. The man at the top is senile, the base he relies on is angry, and those around him wouldn’t know a coherent message if it punched them in the face. It only gets worse.

Biden Anti-Lynching Bill

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#5 – Biden White House Intrigue Intensifies: ‘Replace Harris’ — by Mike Miller 

What’s the solution? “Replace Harris.” Or is it?

The notion of replacing Harris would become instantly moot if Biden himself were kicked to the curb by the Democrat Party, which is not only terrified by his every mumbled word; but also fully cognizant that the buck-passing president’s failures and dogged refusal to take ownership of those failures is his The real problem.

If the Democrats were smart — they are not; they are completely consumed with radicalizing America, despite disastrous poll after disastrous poll — they would show both of these colossal failures the door; the sooner the better (for Democrat election chances).

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