Man Pulled Gun on Another Driver After Being Triggered by His Trump Sticker, Police Say

Greenfield police said Monday a Milwaukee man threatened a fellow motorist with a gun after seeing a pro-Trump sticker on his car.

The incident took place March 4 at an intersection in Greenfield, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported, citing authorities.

The 22-year-old suspect pulled up next to the 24-year-old alleged victim and asked him if he supported President Donald Trump, according to police.

The man then allegedly flashed a 9 mm Glock handgun at the Trump supporter and drove away.

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The alleged victim called police and said he’d been threatened because of the Trump sticker on his car.

Authorities arrested the suspect at his residence.

He was charged with disorderly conduct while armed before being booked at a local jail.

The suspect has since posted bail and been released.

Police are investigating, according to the Journal-Sentinel.

Trump supporters under attack?

A recent spate of incidents have heightened concerns among some that Trump supporters are under risk of attack for their political beliefs.

In February, a retired police officer said he was punched in the face at his 50th birthday celebration by a woman enraged that his red cap looked like a MAGA hat.

The same month, a Florida man was arrested for threatening a group of Trump supporters with a cane sword.

Several of the president’s supporters in the past year have claimed to have been the victims of similar attacks.

In 2018, therapists indicated a rise in what they unofficially diagnosed as “Trump Anxiety Disorder.”

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Clinical psychologist Jennifer Panning – who is credited with originally coining the term – described the symptoms of “Trump Anxiety disorder” in a 2017 essay as worrying about the state of the country, feeling helpless and out of control, and spending too much time on social media.

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