Azaria Moore

Woman Caught on Camera Defacing Trump Campaign Sign – Gets Stuck Trying to Escape

Police arrested a Georgia woman last week after she was caught on video barreling her car through a stranger’s barbed wire fence and vandalizing a sign erected in support of President Donald Trump’s reelection.

Azaria Moore, 20, was charged with criminal trespass and failure to report a crash after officers viewed security camera footage that showed Moore trespassing on Cobb County resident George Bentley’s property at around 1 a.m. Monday, ABC affiliate WSB-TV reported.

“We want [Trump] to be elected again in 2020, and we wanted to give our support for him,” Bentley told WSB-TV in an interview.

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“It really irritates me. I believe people should be able to protest, but not on my property, you know?” he added, referring to Moore’s vandalism.

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According to Bentley, Moore caused thousands of dollars in damages.

The surveillance video shows Moore facing the camera while spray-painting the pro-Trump sign, before struggling to get back through the fence and subsequently abandoning her vehicle at the scene. After that, it wasn’t exactly difficult for officers’ to track Moore down.

“If the car hadn’t been here with the tag on it, and we just had video of the person, it would have been really tough,” Bentley told WSB-TV.

Moore, for her part, remained mostly silent when contacted by WSB-TV. She declined to comment, except to say that she faces five years in prison if convicted.

Bentley, who said he hopes the criminal charges send a message, is likely unsympathetic.

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“We’re sorry you don’t like it. Go to your place and do your own display, but leave ours alone,” Bentley told WSB-TV.

Azaria Moore and Trump derangement syndrome

Last year, therapists indicated a rise in what they unofficially diagnosed as “Trump Anxiety Disorder.” In a 2017 essay, clinical psychologist Jennifer Panning – who is credited with originally coining the term – described the symptoms of “Trump Anxiety disorder” as worrying about the state of the country, feeling helpless and out of control, and spending too much time on social media.

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