Teacher Reassigned After Quiz Question Calls Trump an Idiot

Florida Teacher Gives Middle Schoolers Quiz That Calls Trump an ‘Idiot’ – Gets ‘Reassigned’

A Florida teacher has been reassigned after a concerned parent complained to the school about a multiple-choice quiz, in which one question described President Donald Trump as an “idiot.”

Phillip D’Amico, the principal for Watson B. Duncan Middle School in Palm Beach Gardens, sent a letter to parents this week assuring them an investigation was ongoing and that the teacher was being disciplined, NBC affiliate WPTV reported.

The controversy started after a concerned dad, who remains anonymous, alerted school administrators to a quiz his son showed him that contained the offending question.

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“45th Pres; 2017; Republican; Real Estate businessman; Idiot,” the question read.

Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan were included as possible answers.

“A question on a quiz given by your child’s Computer Applications teacher yesterday was brought to my attention this morning,” D’Amico said in the letter to parents. “The question was inappropriate and demonstrated an unacceptable lack of good judgment on the part of the teacher.”

“I apologize for this incident, and for the offensive verbiage used in the question,” he added.

The school district told CNN that the teacher has been reassigned to a location that does not involve contact with students.

Fox 13 reported that the quiz was published on Quizlet, an online service that offers learning tools for students.

Trump derangement syndrome in the schools?

Last year, therapists indicated a rise in what they unofficially diagnosed as “Trump Anxiety Disorder.”

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In a 2017 essay, clinical psychologist Jennifer Panning – who is credited with originally coining the term – described the symptoms of “Trump Anxiety disorder” as worrying about the state of the country, feeling helpless and out of control, and spending too much time on social media.

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