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Today, President Donald Trump addressed a rally in Des Moines (Iowa).

Now, like every Trump rally, you know it’s going to have a lot built into it.

However, this particular one is a little more meaningful for 2024 because Iowa, which is at the forefront of any presidential primaries, was chosen because of its location.

Trump emphasized the significance of Iowa to his efforts to regain the House and Senate in 2022. He then vowed to retake the White House in 2024. To win the majority, the Republicans must gain just one Senate seat and five House seats. Iowa was the only Democrat represented in the House. Republicans will be trying to regain that seat.

Trump has a higher popularity in Iowa than Joe Biden. 53% have a favorable opinion of him, compared to 46% who are unfavorable. Recent Iowa polls show that Biden’s popularity is low. Only 31 percent of Iowans like how Biden handles his job. 62 percent don’t approve and only seven percent do not know.

Thousands were out early Saturday for the rally, and they were treated with a plane touting the message: “Let’s go, Brandon!” The saying has become a popular movement, along with the more ribald version: “F**k Joe Biden” — spawned last week after an NBC reporter tried to spin NASCAR fans chanting the latter as though they were chanting for driver Brandon Brown.

Republican governor. Kim Reynolds and Chuck Grassley (longtime GOP senator), spoke prior to Trump.

Trump ripped Biden’s economic policies that are reminding people of the horrible days of the 1970s inflation under Jimmy Carter.

Trump also took on the woke movement, as well as the dangerous overreach of the Biden Administration’s proposed agenda, slamming the effort to have the IRS be able to look into the bank accounts of virtually all Americans. The IRS was used in the past against Americans including the Tea Party, Trump said. He called the Biden agenda a “naked power grab,” a “monstrosity,” and “so dangerous for our country.”

Trump mocked Joe Biden’s 31-percent approval rating in Iowa, which is sure to hit Biden right in his insecure heart.

Trump also went after Biden on the border, observing that if he had just left Trump’s policies in place, he would have been okay. “If Biden had just gone to the beach and enjoyed the surf, we would have a great border,” Trump said. “They didn’t have to do anything.” That’s a point that really resonated with the crowd. He further ripped Biden’s actions in Afghanistan, calling it “the most embarrassing event in the history of our country.”

Trump attacked Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and other Republicans for supporting a procedure vote which allowed a short-term debt limit rise that will likely carry us through to Dec. 3. Trump said they “should be ashamed of themselves.”

“They just don’t seem to have a spine, some of them,” he said. “You need a spine!”

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