Family Says Boy Being Brutally Beaten in Viral Video Was Targeted Because He Wore a Trump Hat

An unnamed Florida schoolboy seen being violently assaulted in a viral video was allegedly targeted because he wore a pro-Trump hat, according to the victim’s parents.

The video, which has been viewed more than 700,000 times, shows the boy being hit repeatedly by a group of students on a school bus.

It was uploaded Thursday morning by American Diaries, a popular Twitter account that often posts pro-Trump content.

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The persons behind the account, which has more than 400,000 followers appear to be the boy’s parents.


American Diaries said the footage was released with the blessing of the family’s attorney, Foye Walker.

In a tweet on Thursday, Walker confirmed he was representing the family and that the boy in the video is a student who attends a school in the Hamilton County School District.

According to Walker, the incident is still under investigation.

The assault seems to have taken place in late November.

A tweet posted on Nov. 21 by the American Diaries Twitter account appears to reference the attack.

According to American Diaries, the victim was targeted for wearing a “#Trump hat” and was hospitalized following the assault.

Neither Walker nor the Hamilton County School District immediately returned Pluralist’s request for comment.

Not the first time someone’s allegedly been assaulted for pro-Trump sartorial displays

In October, supporters of President Donald Trump were physically attacked as they left a Minnesota rally.

A Vice News crew caught a Trump supporter being spat upon at the same Minnesota rally.

A New York City art gallery owner claimed in August that he was beaten by a group of teens enraged by his “Make America Great Again” hat.

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Earlier this year, a woman was fired from her barista job for berating an elderly man wearing a “MAGA” hat.

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