Anti-Trump Mobs Attack President’s Supporters After Rally — Burn Piles of MAGA Hats in Streets

Supporters of President Donald Trump were physically attacked on Thursday as they left a Minnesota rally.

Trump held a rally Thursday evening at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis.

Raucous anti-Trump protesters showed up outside of the event in droves, burning Trump flags, “MAGA” hats and clashing with the president’s supporters.

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Trump supporters were physically assaulted and harassed as they made their way through the crowds, the Star-Tribune reported.

Footage posted to social media also appears to show pro-Trump rally attendees being attacked as they tried to leave the event.

A video shared to Twitter by The Blaze’s Elijah Schaffer purportedly shows Trump supporters fleeing to escape attacks from waiting protesters.

Another video posted by Schaffer shows protestors burning pro-Trump hats. The hats were “stolen off the heads of Trump supporters,” according to Schaffer.

But some attempted to justify the actions of the anti-Trump crowd.

“Trump came to Minnesota to incite hatred against the 40-50,000 Somalis living there. Burning the hats of his supporters is not only acceptable, its a moral obligation,” tweeted Ben Faulding, a New York-based journalist and activist who once said dogs are a “tool of white supremacy.”

Faulding’s tweet received more than 100 likes.

“I got three scalps meself,” tweeted one commenter in response to Faulding.

Another commenter appeared to suggest the protesters hadn’t gone far enough:

One person who attended the rally was booked into jail in connection with the protest, according to the Star Tribune.

Trump clashes with Frey

Trump’s rally in Minneapolis took place amid clashes with the city’s Democrat Mayor Jacob Frey.

Frey said in September that Trump’s “message of hatred will never be welcome in Minneapolis.”

Trump’s campaign threatened a lawsuit after Minneapolis city leaders charged it $530,000 for security at the event. The bill is 26 times what the city asked former president Barack Obama to pay for a 2009 rally.

The Minneapolis Police Department prohibited officers from appearing in uniform at political events a week before Trump was set to appear for the rally.

The move was largely seen as a partisan attack on support for the president.

“For decades, the police federation has been allowed to appear in political ads [and] align themselves with political parties for our endorsement,” Lt. Bob Kroll, president of the Minneapolis police union, said on “Fox & Friends.”

“Our president has proven he stands with police and military. It’s self-explanatory. So my members are outraged,” Kroll added.

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The police union protested on Monday by selling “Cops for Trump” T-shirts.

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