Protester Spits on Trump Supporter During Interview – His Response Is Pure ‘Class’

A supporter of President Donald Trump is earning plaudits for his response to being spat upon during an interview outside a rally in Minneapolis on Thursday.

VICE News’ Liz Landers was interviewing Dave Carlson, a salesman and Trump supporter, when a protester spat in his face and then walked away.

Carlson appeared unperturbed.

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“I’m fine, I’m fine,” he said in response to Landers expressing her concern.

Two protesters, who were not involved in the spitting incident, apologized to Carlson.

“This clip is a commercial for Trump 2020”

Carlson’s restraint earned him the respect of Trump supporters and critics alike.

“Dont really like trump but the old man here earned my respect for keeping his cool,” wrote one commenter on YouTube.

“This clip is a commercial for Trump 2020,” quipped a Twitter user.

“Showed way more class than his offender!” tweeted another commenter.

Spitting wasn’t the only form of harassment Trump supporters endured in Minneapolis

Raucous anti-Trump protesters showed up outside of the Target Center, where Trump’s rally was behind held, in droves. They burned Trump flags, “MAGA” hats and clashed with the president’s supporters.

Trump supporters were physically assaulted and harassed as they made their way through the crowds, the Star-Tribune reported.

Footage posted to social media also appeared to show pro-Trump rally attendees being attacked as they tried to leave the event.

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A video shared to Twitter by The Blaze’s Elijah Schaffer purportedly shows Trump supporters fleeing to escape attacks from waiting protesters.

Another video posted by Schaffer shows protestors burning pro-Trump hats. The hats were “stolen off the heads of Trump supporters,” according to Schaffer.

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