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Former President Donald Trump has been practically telling us he’s running again in 2024, and even at one point, said he pretty much doesn’t have a choice.

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Until he announces, it’s likely this question is going to be asked again and again of him until he fully confirms or denies it. As we drift closer to 2024, you can bet this is going to be the question on everyone’s mind…especially the left’s.

While at a golf tournament at his Bedminster resort in New Jersey, Trump was asked by someone if he’s planning to announce his run for office in 2024. Trump’s response was to give a very Trump response.

“Oh, you’re going to be so happy.”

While this isn’t a straight “yes,” at this point it’s almost a guarantee that Trump has decided to run again in 2024. It is evident from all of his comments, his involvement in politics and many other indicators. Like the media personality he is, he’s teasing his future product and getting people excited.

Trump, besides being a great politician in his day, is also able to continue having political relevance beyond office. This is, in part, thanks to the hope of many Republicans that he’ll return, and the obsessive dread by Democrats for the same.

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He has never had a more powerful iron strike. As RedState reported on Sunday, new CBS polls indicate that Democrats are in a very weak position going into midterms and it’s likely not going to get better for them in 2024. They can only take credit for the actions of Republicans once they seize control, but they have to be clear about what they are doing.

It is possible to only think back about the better times when Trump was in control. The gas prices were lower, there weren’t any supply chain problems, and opportunities were everywhere. For many Democrats, Trump would still be preferred. With over a million voters swapping parties from D to R over the past year, it’s not difficult to believe that they would gladly pull the lever for Trump with history telling them he can get the economy back on track again.

The future will show, but Trump is certain to be involved in all that happens.

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