Trouble in Paradise After Kamala Harris Bottoms out in New California Poll – Opinion

Is it possible to elevate someone on the basis of identity politics only? Kamala Harris shows what you can do.

The vice-president has been a constant stumbling block in public view, making more mistakes and saying things that one cannot possibly keep up with. The media, who love her, just can’t seem to figure out why no one likes her. I’ve got some ideas, though.

A new poll from California shows Harris has a 35% approval rating. That’s certainly shocking given how blue the state is, and the fact that Harris hails from there. Yet, the article cited seems to be most shocked by the fact that Asian-Americans hold an overall negative view — despite the fact that the vice president’s mother is Indian.

Tammy Duckworth’s past comments presented in this context are interesting, even if they are a year old. At the time, she was incensed there weren’t more Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) in the administration. It is absurd to combine these two groups. What does a Hawaiian have in common with someone from Thailand–thousands of miles away–to the point where they are part of the same identity group? However, Duckworth wasn’t happy to see Harris being used constantly as a substitute for AAPI representation. This is especially true considering that Harris clearly identifies herself as black every day of her life.

What’s that have to do with this latest poll? What it shows is that Harris’ schtick, pushed by the Democrat Party, has not produced the results that were expected and that even a year ago, the cracks were showing in the armor. Those who once lauded her as the “first” in a variety of areas have been smacked by the reality of how shallow that is. She doesn’t care that her mother came from India. They do care that she’s deeply unlikeable and highly ineffective.

In other words, identity politics can only take someone so far, and it eventually boxes them in, if they don’t rise above it. As I’ve noted before, Harris has never shown the work ethic to be a successful vice president. Rather, she’s continually found herself unprepared and unknowledgeable about even basic things, seemingly convinced she can get by on the “historic” nature of her elevation. That’s not working any longer–not just in the nation as a whole, but not even in California.

Just think about it. How bad is Harris at her job that she can’t even garner a positive approval rating in California, a state that voted over 63 percent for Joe Biden? Witness one of the most disastrous politicians we have ever seen, who is a failure in every aspect of their career. What is her limit? Although I’m not sure, I know Democrats will not allow her as the 2020 nominee. Yet, I’m not sure they have a choice. They made the monster. Now they have to deal with it.

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