Tony Dungy Takes To Twitter To Refute Pro-Abortion Claims

Tony Dungy was a former Indianapolis Colts player. He may have lost his calling to be a social media expert.

Dungy tweeted out several responses to pro-abortion advocates on Twitter over the weekend, and he didn’t back down from anyone. Dungy engaged with prochoice supporters who sought to prove their position by using policy, historical facts, Scripture, and other evidence. Dungy did not let this stop him from responding with the same conviction and efficiency that has made him such a great coach.

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One individual tried to claim that the 14th amend gave women privacy in deciding whether to have an abortion. However, the Constitution does not give any protections for the life of the baby. Dungy replied that many states still believe the life of the unborn baby is valuable and that they will protect it.

Dungy then responded to a person who said that the Bible’s wisdom was flawed because it was written two millennia back. Dungy again made the correct call and refuted that argument.

One user attempted to misinterpret and misuse the words of Scripture in order to create the impression that God doesn’t care about the life beginning inside the womb. Dungy again had the right answers. He quickly disproved the claim that the Bible doesn’t have anything to say about the value of babies.

These people were treated by Dungy in the same way he dealt with his competitors: with a ruthless efficiency and precise attacks as well as stellar defense. He won every time.

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