Kamala’s New Strategy to Get ‘Abortion on Demand’ Is No Laughing Matter – Opinion

Since then, some on the left have taken to arms. Roe V. WadeIn June, it was overturned. As we have noted, that doesn’t prohibit abortion; it now leaves the question up to the states and, indeed, up to the voters of each state.

This angers the people on the left who would like to tell the public what to do. Quixotically, they argue that this is harming “democracy” when it’s actually more democratic than it had been before. So, they’ve been throwing tantrums protesting, harassing, and threatening the Supreme Court justices, not getting, or not caring, that doesn’t change anything — that only makes them look more disgusting that they would treat the justices that way.

Twitter finally got around to suspending “RuthSentUs”, the account that had been targeting the justices and doxed them. Although it’s good they finally whacked that account, the account that put out bounties on the locations of the justices, ShutDownDC, is still up. Despite the threat of firebombings and attempted assassinations the Biden administration has encouraged protesting against justices.

Kamala Harris, however, was visiting Florida to address a group for her sorority. Kamala Harris spoke out about her belief that they would be able to get abortions at will. Now, this is some kind of brilliant strategy, especially with the added cackle thrown in — it’s “phone trees.”

Harris said they were great at “building coalitions.” “We know how to do that,” she claimed, as she laughed her head off. “We got the meanest, baddest phone trees in the world! Ha ha ha ha.”

Help me understand how sorority phones trees are supposed to alter a Supreme Court decision, or change an existing law in Florida. If they’re not answering, do you leaf a message?

I’m not sure that she quite understands how the law works — it doesn’t operate according to petitions, protests, or phone trees. Plus, what this is going to do is just bother people on the phone–and I’m guessing that wouldn’t be appreciated.

Imagine talking about phones trees as a way to murder more children, and then having a good time laughing about the absurdity of their idea. Something is truly wrong when you’re laughing about such an effort. How is it funny to laugh about this from the point of view of the left?

But this seems to be how Kamala Harris reacts to everything — she’s simply not a serious person. Meanwhile, she’s still not doing that job that she’s supposed to be doing — working on the issues of the border.

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