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Rob Bonta in California is actually targeting criminality, unlike his predecessors and his local counterparts. No one can be more shocked than I am about a pick for affirmative action and a Gavin Newsom crony.


California Attorney General Rob Bonta today announced charges against three defendants allegedly involved in a scheme to steal hundreds of thousands in public funds from Los Angeles-based nonprofit People Assisting the Homeless (PATH). The defendants used PATH funds to fund their personal projects. On September 9, 2021, following an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department’s Commercial Crimes Division, the Attorney General filed a 56-count felony complaint, charging the defendants with grand theft and embezzlement, as well as a special allegation of aggravated white collar crime with loss over $100,000.

Bonta was charged with Latoi, 45, Sareena Stevenson (44), and Valencia Stevenson (44) for these crimes that were committed in 2017 in Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino. They are each being held without bail for just more than $1 million.

According to KTLA

These three women conspired together to defraud the Los Angeles-based People Assisting the Homeless known as PATH. This nonprofit is committed to housing the unhoused. Gen. Rob Bonta’s office said in a news release.

Of the three women charged, two had worked for PATH, which in 2016 received a contract from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority to help transition homeless people and families into affordable housing, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Homelessness has tripled in the past five years, so we see how well PATH did with their work—not very. According to a Los Angeles Daily News story, California has 161,000 homeless people statewide—the highest rate of homelessness in the nation. According to some estimates, California houses 48 percent of the nation’s homeless unsheltered.

Stockton saw homelessness increase by threefold since 2017 according to Fox 40. The city has had 311 homeless individuals and now there are 921. Los Angeles was home to four homeless people per day, with the highest number in Los Angeles at 411. Thanks to the coronavirus epidemic, San Francisco had tripled its homeless population.

The number of fires that result from the encampment of homeless people has increased since 2017 and have caused many millions of dollars in damages.

According to the AP

In the three years since the city’s Fire Department began classifying them, the number of blazes related to homelessness has nearly tripled, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday. These fires accounted for 54% in all department-reported fires. They occurred at an average of 24 per day during the quarter.

The paper said its analysis of records showed that fires related to homelessness doubled in all of the department’s 14 districts since 2018, the first year of complete records. Most fires took place in Downtown Los Angeles and South Los Angeles.

You can track where you donated if your donation goes to homeless causes. It certainly wasn’t to those who are actually unhoused.

Prosecutors say that between January 2016 and September 2017, they siphoned thousands of dollars from PATH using an elaborate scheme whereby the trio submitted numerous fraudulent referrals to and assistance requests to nonprofits on behalf people who weren’t homeless and were therefore not eligible for public funding.

“By helping families secure a roof over their heads, tax-payer funded programs like PATH provide Californians in need with an invaluable resource,” Bonta said in a statement. “When these programs are taken advantage of or stolen from, the individuals and families who depend on them are the most harmed.”

It’s not only those families. This fraud and failure is affecting the safety and quality of lives of citizens. All California’s elected officials are to blame, including Eric Garcetti and London Breed as well as Gavin Newsom. PATH, as well as other homeless organisations, are also guilty of this mess, since their leaders and activists made the homeless crisis their own cash cow and have no plans to actually solve it. California homelessness is not going to end. This is because as long these individuals are at the helm, setting policies and calling the shots in California, it will be impossible for anyone to eat the hand they feed.


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