Americans Reject Biden Admin FBI Effort Against Parents in Loud and Clear Voice – Opinion

It looks like Americans are not all happy with the Biden Administration’s effort to have the DOJ and the FBI investigating parents over supposed “threats” at school board meetings.

According to a new survey by the Convention of States Action, 57% of respondents are against this effort while 19.8% agree. The others were not sure because they hadn’t heard of the announcement or didn’t know enough about it. This means that 57%, or almost 77% of those who knew about the announcement were opposed to it. That’s a pretty significant majority as Mark Meckler, the president of the Convention of States Action observed. “One can plainly see that those who are aware that Merrick Garland made this announcement oppose him by large majorities,” he said.

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“The very idea that our attorney general would direct our nation’s federal law enforcement to target everyday moms and dads who are rightly concerned about their children’s education is shocking and hard to fathom,” he said. “These are the tactics of totalitarians in places like China and North Korea, not here in America.” [….]

“The nearly 20% who support Garland’s attack on parents are consistent throughout all of our polls, in which we see that roughly this percentage of voters will support practically anything the Democrats support — a scary reality in these challenging times.”

63.4% of independents don’t support it, 73.2% of Republicans are against it and even 37.2% of Democrats oppose it. It is opposed by more Democrats than it supports, with 29% of them supporting it and 33% not.

It’s created a huge backlash against the effort after it was announced by Attorney General Merrick Garland. Garland seemed to admit during his testimony on Thursday that he acted largely on the basis of a letter from the NSBA, he didn’t list any other data in the exchange he had with Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on the subject. The political letter from the NSBA demonized parents who were protesting politicized agendas in schools like Critical Race Theory and suggested they could be domestic terrorists. The letter contained very little information about actual violent or criminal acts.

It was also revealed yesterday that there was more going on here, too — that the White House had been in contact with the NSBA for weeks and that they had collaborated on it before the letter was released. Emails obtained under the public records act show that the White House requested specific incidents of violence. These emails show that the White House of Biden attempted to influence the DOJ with this letter in a totally improper manner. These norms Biden said he was protecting are now gone.

However, it seems that Americans are his favorite and the improper effort is likely to return, and bite Biden as well as the Democrats at the ballot box.

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