Things Get Ugly After Richard Grenell Goes Hard After Kathy Barnette – Opinion

The Dr. Oz campaign has entered full panic mode, and that includes some in Trump’s orbit who are trying to push the liberal television host over the finish line. Following a recent poll showing Kathy Barnette moving up to second, the gloves fell off Wednesday.

Apparently believing they’ve put David McCormick to bed (not a sure thing, in my opinion), Barnette is now in the crosshairs, and some of her old tweets are being used against her. The problem here is that the tweets are being purposely taken out of context to paint her as something she’s not.

Ric Grenell joined the chorus by sharing this Tweet from Barnette.

Barnette wasn’t supporting BLM, or any movement to defund the police as explained by me in an earlier write-up. Instead, Barnette used the hashtags to highlight a Facebook video that she posted in which she attacked the BLM movement while supporting the police. Another video is also circulating which is edited in a way to cut off what she’s saying, but the full video reveals her slamming the rioting that followed George Floyd’s death.

After that Grenell seemed to claim that Dr. Oz’s support was a loyalty test for Donald Trump. Julie Kelly is one of the many conservatives who was interviewed. The source in exposing the abuse of January 6th detainees, didn’t take too kindly that suggestion.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why Grenell would go this far. I understand he’s in the Trump camp and wants to be seen as supporting the former president’s picks, but as Allie Beth Stuckey notes, Dr. Oz is a really stupid hill to die on. He can lose the primary. Why attack Barnette when he is a Trump original supporter since 2016, and was speaking about election security, while Oz continued to recite Democrat talk points.

This irony is made more absurd by the fact that the Oz campaign is wrongly portraying Barnette to be a BLM Supporter. Oz, however, is not. It was actuallyA supporter for the movement. He’s even gone so far as to push the “systemic racism” narrative that Democrats have made a centerpiece of their politics. Given that, isn’t it pretty silly to go after Barnette with an out-of-context clip for something Oz is far more guilty of?

While I understand that tensions are high, and Trump is keen to continue his winning streak, everyone should take a deep breath. Trump’s surrogates need to be open-minded about the fact that many of their base voters don’t like Oz. In the end, if a few of Trump’s endorsements lose, that’s really not a big deal, and fracturing the movement over it is dumb. It’s also a poor idea to try and destroy Barnette. Oz should win if he is worthy.

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