EXTANTE Broker Donates $1 Million to UNICEF to Help Children and Families in Ukraine

UNICEF and Ukraine

UNICEF is a United Nations institution. It is in charge of providing humanitarian and developmental assistance to the world’s most vulnerable children in the most impoverished areas. They work in 190 nations and territories around the world, impacting people’s lives.

Since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine on April 1, more than 3.7 million people had fled the country and become refugees. 90% of those fleeing are women and children, who are particularly vulnerable to inhumane conditions and dangerous risks such as exploitation and human trafficking.

EXTANTE: The Right of Freedom

EXANTE is profoundly worried about the ongoing humanitarian disaster in Ukraine, which is also a child rights problem. This is because one of their founding principles is the conviction in people’s right to freedom. This is why the wealth tech company decided to donate one million dollars to UNICEF.

They believe that although they cannot change what is happening, they hope that the money contributed, together with their colleagues, will actually make a difference and aid the hundreds of children and families impacted. Their goal in offering this help is to give Ukrainians a chance to withstand and survive the devastating effects of the violence in their country.

What is being done?

UNICEF has sent 858 tons of emergency supplies to children in need due to the war. These supplies include, among other things, health supplies, educational materials, hygiene kits, and recreational supplies. In addition, the agency has set up specific areas in 29 metro stations to provide youngsters in Kharkiv with socio-emotional support. 

The facilities have things such as art therapy, learning, reading, playing, and emotional support resources. Further, its facilitators provide recreational activities and learning assistance for school and pre-school children. Without this aid, many of these children would be destitute. 

The Impact of Violence

Over 3.7 million individuals have fled the war and become refugees as of March 25th. Women and children account for nearly 90% of those who have fled. This is partly due to the violence and the fact that they are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and human trafficking.

UNICEF is on the ground, delivering crucial assistance to children, women, and families who are in need. Partners like EXANTE are making this timely help possible. Their organization was built on the notion that freedom is an inalienable human right. In addition, they believe that it is more crucial than ever in these times.

The Next Step

UNICEF is seeking $349 million to offer life-saving assistance to children and their families.

This includes $276 million for immediate needs in Ukraine and $73 million for humanitarian assistance in neighboring countries. Over 3.5 million people would benefit from this investment, including 2.2 million children. Generous donations are at the heart of their efforts. 

For more information, follow EXANTE’s activities in Ukraine on all of its social media outlets to see where the money is going.  UNICEF: EXANTE broker donates 1m

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