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Joe Biden is so infamous for the way acts around women (too-long hugs, sniffing their hair, holding their hands for way longer than necessary, other inappropriate actions) that even CNN did a “report” about it in 2016 that should have outraged anyone watching it due to the offensively cutesy nature of how they framed it.

The story, which was narrated by CNN’s Jeanne Moos, included several clips of what they described as a notoriously “overly handsy” Biden (some of which we’ve documented here), including the awkward moment from August 2016 when the former VP was seen hugging then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a tight embrace for approximately 16 seconds while on an airport tarmac in Pennsylvania:

Biden, however, is not stopping at this. Unfortunately, it seems that the majority of mainstream media are willing to ignore or gloss over the frequency with which this happens.

The video below was taken just minutes after Biden signed Tuesday’s CHIPS and Science Act into Law at a ceremony in which he lost the ability to shake hands with Senator. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and where he repeatedly coughed into his own during his speech just days after reportedly testing negative for COVID after catching a “rebound” case.

Biden, who is shaking hands more as he goes down the line shakes more hands, stops before Sen. Maria Cantwell of Washington (D-Wash.), and vice president Kamala Harris and other observers. Instead of letting Cantwell’s hand go after briefly speaking to her, he holds on to it for about 30 seconds, which prompted her towards the end of the clip to jerk away her hand just as politely as she could.


Here’s a larger version of the video, cued up to start at the moment they begin interacting:

Biden’s cringe moment with Cantwell was reminiscent of another from June of this year, where he couldn’t seem to keep his hands off of Fabiola Yáñez, the girlfriend of Argentina’s president Alberto Fernandez, all of which happened in the presence of First Lady Jill Biden:

It is so disturbing and an insulting to me that he has a name like Biden. If I ever had to be face to face with Biden I’d stand at a distance far enough away that he couldn’t touch me. I don’t care what kind of excuses Democrats make for him, this is just not normal behavior for anyone – especially not from a man who we’ve been told absolutely adores his wife.

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