The View ATTACKS Legal Gun Carrier Who Ended Indiana Mass Shooting

Elisjsha, an Indiana resident aged 22, became a hero after drawing his gun and neutralizing a mass shooter. In the eyes of all sensible people, it is certainly a hero. But in the eyes of most of the cast of ABC’s The ViewOn Tuesday, he was almost as evil as the mass shooter. They smeared him and falsely claimed he “broke the law” by carrying his gun into the mall. They also denied that gun-wielding men can be stopped by guns.

Joy Behar, co-host of the show, started these attacks against lawful gun owners. Joy tried to ignore that guns can stop good men with guns. “They say that a good guy with a gun can control a bad guy with a gun. Well, we saw in Uvalde that that’s not true,”She screeched and was backed by Whoopi goldberg who recorded the shooting at Buffalo.

But Republican Lindsey Granger was on hand to clap back, noting that “But we saw that it is true in Indiana.” “It was true in Indiana. That was a lucky moment,” Behar scoffed.

Soon after, Sunny Hostin attacked Dicken for trying to stop the mass shooting. Noted her own pistol-training, she decried Dicken’s attempt to shoot at a moving target.



With this simple act of kindness. Let’s be real, I was trained in firearms when I was working at the justice ministry. Defensive firearm training was also my specialty. A moving target is difficult to hit. For those who have been trained, it is difficult to hit moving targets. That good Samaritan was able to hit the moving target is an amazing feat.

Essentially, Hostin is upset because he’s clearly a better shot than she is and has confidence in his proficiency.

“He had a gun permit but he wasn’t supposed in the mall with a gun,”Elle added. He was then falsely accused of being a criminal, she said. “he broke that law”Having his gun at the mall.

However, this is dangerous.

Indiana has what’s been termed “constitutional carry” which means he can carry concealed in public without issue.

A report from the Indianapolis Star, attorney and firearms instructor Guy Relford explained to the paper how “the fact that (Greenwood Park Mall) had a no-gun policy creates no legal issue whatsoever for this gentleman … and it certainly has no effect whatsoever on his ability to use force to defend himself or to defend the other people in the mall.”

He described it as a “‘no shoes, no shirt, no service’ sign” and “a business owner can demand that the customer leaves. And if the customer ignores that demand, the customer is now trespassing, which is an Indiana crime.”

“The law of Indiana is different than the law of the mall, of Simon malls. And I would say that takes precedence when you save a life,” Granger shot back at Hostin. Hostin then prepared an absurd “what if”Goldberg ended the segment in a frenetic fashion and moved on to a commercial. “Guys, “I got to go. I got to go. I’m sorry. It was time to leave. We’ll be right back,” she shouted.

Oral-B’s and CarShield’s lucrative sponsorships made this attack possible. They are linked.

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ABC’s The View
April 19, 2022
Eastern, 11:17.26


JOY BEHAR: It is said that a man with a gun could control another person. Well, we saw in Uvalde that that’s not true.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG : You saw it in Buffalo.

BEHAR: Yes. This was what we saw in Buffalo.

LINDSEY GRAGER: We saw it in Indiana.

BEHAR: In Indiana, it was. This was a fortunate moment.

What do you think? You know what? I think this way: background checks and licensing are acceptable for anyone who owns a firearm. Or hundreds at once. Why can’t they do that?


SUNNY HOSTIN – I am surprised the chief of Uvalde has not quit like he quit from the board. It is shameful what he did. It is surprising that the other 400 officers did not take action. It is not surprising that they were scared of the AR-15.

That’s no surprise to me, my brother in law is a police officer. I also have several family members who are police officers. They want home, that is the only thing I know. They’re terrified of these AR-15s. Surprisingly, the police unions don’t support more gun reform with respect to that weapon. To me, it’s quite shocking. All my officers’ family members should be allowed to return home. All police officers should return home.

With this simple act of kindness. You see, when I worked at the justice department I received firearms training. Defensive firearm training was also my specialty. A moving target is difficult to hit. Even those who have been trained can find it hard to hit moving targets. This is a very fortunate thing that the good Samaritan was able to hit that moving target that way. And he wasn’t supposed to – He had a gun permit but he wasn’t supposed in the mall with a gun.

BEHAR: This guy had an AR-15.

HOSTIN – He was actually a good Samaritan, but he still broke this law.

GRANGER When you are trying to save someone’s life, I believe that this law takes precedence.

HOSTIN: Well – well, he saved a life, but what if he –

GOLDBERG : I have to go, guys. It’s my turn. I’m sorry. It was necessary to leave. We will be back.

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