3 Reasons Why Anti-Gunners Detest ‘Good Guys With Guns’ – Opinion

Anti-gunners hate good men with guns. They seem to loathe it when they see a citizen who is law abiding with their gun stopping a mass shooting. Whenever this type of news story is reported – which is rare – they go out of their way to spin the incident and distract from the fact that someone saved lives using a firearm.

The progressive left displayed this strange tendency again after the Indiana Mall shooting. A hero pulled out his gun to kill the attacker. Instead of celebrating the life saved, they tried to detract from this heroic act.

RedState’s Bonchie wrote a piece on Shannon Watts, an anti-gun activist, who took to Twitter to express her ridiculous opinion on the incident. “Imagine thinking that arming a civilian with weapons of war and enabling them to go into a mall to kill three people and wound three others before another armed civilian is forced to open fire on the gunman inside a crowded foodcourt is a good out outcome,” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

They are disturbed at the notion of a kind person saving lives. Surely, if a guy punched out a rapist trying to assault a woman, they wouldn’t react this way, right? It appears they are only disturbed when saving a life involves a firearm – which happens a lot more frequently than they would like to admit. There are several reasons why progressives are bothered by the notion that a person with a gun can save lives – and why they try to convince the public that these scenarios don’t exist.

To begin with, civilians who defend life using firearms hinder their ability to press for greater restrictions on law-abiding gun owner. We have observed that many anti-gunners don’t want ordinary citizens to be able to buy all types of guns over the last few months. They contend that regular folks should not own “weapons of war,” which is a term that has absolutely no meaning.

They argue that guns should only be permitted to police officers who are authorized. There is an argument that police officers should not have guns. These fringes are not noticed by anyone. They believe gun violence will disappear if ordinary citizens are not permitted to carry arms. They don’t seem to be bothered by the fact that most gun crimes are committed by illegal gun owners. It’s like they think violent criminals will somehow stop using guns to victimize people if Democrats pass laws restricting law-abiding people.

It is questionable whether it would be wise to prevent civilians from using firearms for self-defense or protection of others. In fact, if more people knew how often defensive gun uses occur each year, I’d wager most would oppose efforts to restrict firearms. It is a fact that gun owners who are responsible save far more lives than those taken by criminals with firearms. It’s an inconvenient fact that the anti-gunners would rather keep under wraps.

Another reason why progressives don’t like the idea of people owning guns is that it shows that they do not depend on the government to save them if they find themselves in a dangerous situation. Gun ownership may lead to people becoming more aware that they are responsible for their own safety. Police will not arrive at the scene to save civilians from violence criminals. As they say, “when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.”

If the increase in gun ownership is an indication that people have lost trust in the government’s ability – or willingness – to defend them, in what other areas will people stop trusting the state? The issue of self defense is not the only one at stake. If people can’t rely on the state for their safety, why should we trust them with our financial welfare or education, for example?

Americans are becoming more aware of the fact that schools in America are failing their students and looking for alternatives. The Biden administration has a good reason to attack charter schools. The idea of progressive ideology is that every person should depend on the state. For the far left, the notion that citizens would cease to view government as the source of their problems is serious.

Lastly, the third reason why so many progressives have a problem with the idea of a “good guy with a gun” is due to ignorance. In my experience, the vast majority of those who think civilians cannot – or should not – be responsible for their own self-defense know little about guns or the overall gun debate. As mentioned earlier, most of them don’t even know that studies have shown that tens of thousands of self-defense situations – at the lowest – happen each year. According to them, self-defense situations involving firearms are almost non-existent.

Further, they believe more lawful gun ownership means more gun crimes. They don’t know that a very small percentage of gun violence involves legal gun owners and that the overwhelming majority involve criminals who illegally obtain their weapons. It is important to educate the public about gun violence. People will be more aware of the facts surrounding gun ownership and they’ll see it isn’t as harmful as anti-gunners make them think. Education is more important than arguments if those in favor of gun rights want to win the debate.

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