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Since nearly two years, we have been hearing incessantly that the world is facing a catastrophic virus crisis. We are told to lock down our houses and use masks everywhere. The government officials who have done the mandating were caught, time after time, not locking themselves down and wearing masks everywhere.

Which is why we have the imposition upon pause.

Since the 1970s, it has been repeated over and over that our planet faces an environmental catastrophe. To address the problem, every country must force its citizens to endure massive economic contractions. Each nation should end traditional energy consumption.  While continuing to massively ramp up its government spending on “green energy.” Except time and time again, it is only the United States that self-inflicts the “climate change” economic wounds.

Which is why we have the imposition upon pause.

Welcome once more to Leftist harmonious convergence. The world’s government officials are readying themselves for private jet rides to the fabulous hotels and meals awaiting them in Glasgow, Scotland at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26).

Which if it were a biker rally in South Dakota it would be falsely labeled a “Super Spreader” event.  But the government officials lavishly spending our money to attend this canine-and-cayuse show are “sophisticated”, so bringing up the virus and the attendees’ hypocrisy is simply gauche.

One participant, however, is still sticking with its China Virus gun.  Well, at least in rhetoric.

Russia Says Putin Won’t Fly to Glasgow, in Blow for Climate Talks:

“The Kremlin had previously announced that (Vladimir) Putin would not attend a Group of 20 summit in Rome in person this month due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.”

This is really about Russia refusing to join this global economic suicide agreement.  And they ain’t the only ones:

“(T)he no-show by the leader of the world’s fourth-biggest emitter of greenhouse gases is the latest setback, with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also uncertain to attend.”

The three no-shows pose a real problem.

There are four countries that most matter in this “climate change” game: China, India, Russia, and the US.  These four nations are those with the greatest economies that exhale carbon dioxide. The Powers That Be claim they are a problem. If they don’t play the “climate change” game?  It’s best to just call it quits.

But the current global energy shortages have given everyone a taste of what the “climate change” crowd wants to intentionally, permanently do to us.  Most people don’t like it.

The Global Energy Crisis Is Complicating President Joe Biden’s Climate Agenda

You can be sure.

China’s Xi Will Not Attend COP26 In Person:

“British organizers fear that (Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping)’s decision to stay away could be a prelude to China refusing to set new climate change goals amid an energy crunch.”

India may not be able to attend, but it is because they have been caught holding the energy jar.

India PM will attend Summit as Leak Reveals Attempts To Water Down Climate Response

China and Russia may be doing almost the exact same things as India, saying one thing about climate change but actually doing something else.  You can see a rare harmony between me and Greenpeace.

“Jennifer Morgan, the executive director of Greenpeace International, (said) ‘There’ll be a big greenwashing effort in Glasgow that needs to be called out and recognized. If you look at what they’re doing to try and hold back the world from moving forward, it’s stunning,’ she said. ‘It’s immoral, it’s unacceptable.’”

Greenwash?What is greenwash?

“(D)isinformation disseminated…so as to present an environmentally responsible public image.”

Greenwashing away….

India, China, Russia Pushing ‘Massive’ Coal Expansion

Iran’s Largest Oil Clients Are China, India & Russia

Plans to Drill Fossil Fuels Undermine the Climate Pledges and U.N. report Warns

“The report looked at future mining and drilling plans in 15 major fossil fuel producing countries, including the United States, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Canada, China, India and Norway.”

Wait…the United States?  Not if Biden can help it.

Biden Administration Plans to Kill America’s Energy Sector

Biden Wants to Kill 80% of America’s Energy

So all the planet’s government bureaucrats are SAYING they want to commit economic suicide. It is only Biden, and the domestic Democrats that are doing it, however.

Climate Change Can Be Stopped by Budget Reconciliation

Democrats Admit ‘The Green New Deal Is In The DNA Of This’ Budget

So if we’re the only ones actually wearing the sneakers and drinking the Kool-Aid?  We should absolutely also do this….

Democrats Introduce Carbon Border Adjustment Legislation:

“Under this proposal, a carbon fee would be applied to imports at the U.S. border starting in 2024.  The tax would apply to imports of natural gas, petroleum, coal and any other carbon-intensive products such as iron, steel and cement. It is estimated that 12% of U.S. imports would be subject to the tax.”

I think we should go much higher than 12%. If the planet’s other countries are all using cheap energy to make everything, then everything they make will be cheaper. Our domestic producers are being unfairly disadvantaged by this. They pay high energy prices due to government-caused rises in their fuel costs.

Think we’re in the Rust Belt, right?  Wait until Biden and his Democrats use “climate change” to completely hollow out our nation.

We must use the Donald Trump-esque carbon tariff — to offset the massive damage domestic Democrats are doing.

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