Former NY Times Econ Reporter Hails IRS Powers, Attacks ‘Rotten Core’ of GOP

Former liberal New York Times economics reporter Binyamin Appelbaum is now free to issue untrammeled left-wing opinions from his seat on the paper’s editorial board.  more federal surveillance in the name of squeezing out the full measure of taxes from the citizenry: “Tax Evasion and the Republican Party.” The online headline was no more agreeable: “The Rotten Core of the Republican Party.”

Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the top House Republican, recently took to social media to warn that Democrats have hatched a dastardly plot. “Democrats,” he said, “want to track every penny you earn so they can then tax you and your family at the maximum possible amount.”

Yes. Democrats demand that Americans pay all taxes.

What doesn’t get enough attention is that many Republicans seem not to agree.

Resistance to taxation is at the heart of the Republican Party’s current roten core In recent years, Republicans have had to sharply reduce the federal income taxes rates that are imposed on large companies and wealthy individuals. But their opposition is far more than this. They aid and encourage tax evasion.

Sorry guys. Guess the American RevolutionIt is not available!

Myriad revelations of the historically overbearing, partisan behavior of the IRS went unmentioned; Appelbaum found any attempt to check the agency’s power “bureaucratic sabotage” or worse, while equating good citizenship to paying as much tax as possible.

The Internal Revenue Service has been crippled by Republicans who have spent the last decade cutting funding. Republicans fight for the integrity of tax codes that allow the wealthy and powerful to open loopholes. It is true. They praise Americans who can pay less and normalize antisocial behaviour that could be more harmful than bureaucratic sabotage.


Under the current version of the Democrats’ plan, which is part of the Biden administration’s sweeping “Build Back Better” legislation, banks would be required to submit annual reports on accounts with total inflows and outflows exceeding $10,000, excluding paychecks and government benefits….

Appelbaum skipped that the Biden administration’s original transaction trigger figure was $600.

Next, he redefined freedom:

Republicans love to speak of liberty as a way to justify their ideology. They mean a negative and narrow form of liberty that is free from civic duty, mutual obligation, and civil responsibility.

At least he’s honest; for him, taxation’s main benefit isn’t so much raising revenue as it is to soak the rich in aid of the poor (i.e., “an antidote to inequality”).

However, history has a different story. The United States tax system was originally designed to be a universal, non-partisan and fair. An antidote for inequalityIt is. In the beginning, revenue was raised by tariffs from wealthy merchants. In the 20th century, a federal income tax was introduced. This is a completely different way to achieve the same goal. In a historical analysis published last year, a pair of German political scientists, Laura Seelkopf and Hanna Lierse, Progressive taxation was a key feature of democratic governance, as evidenced by the fact that it is.

As a metaphor, he used a policy dispute to attack the government.

….Republicans have a direct agenda to resist lawful taxes by encouraging resistance.

They are now trying to subvert government after failing to control government spending in the democratic process.

In 2019, Appelbaum wanted everyone’s tax returns made public – everyone would know how much money you made and how you made it, even what charities you donated to, in the name of reducing income inequality.

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