ABC, CBS, NBC: VA School Book Too Sexually Explicit To Air

Imagine a children’s library book so explicit that its content isn’t even allowed on late-night television.

Nonprofit advocacy group Independent Women’s VoiceRecently, (IWV), released an advertisement that featured an image taken from a Virginia library book. They tried to purchase late-night ad spaces on all the major broadcast networks, ABC, CBS and NBC, but they were refused by the outlets because the image was in violation of federal decency standards.

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The book in question, titled “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” is a graphic novel-style autobiography written by Maria Kobabe, “who uses e/em/eir pronouns.” It includes tales of “bonding with friends over erotic gay fanfiction” and refers to pap smears as a “fundamental violation.” You know, normal kid stuff.

IWV Vice President Carrie Lukas remarked that while the book had been found in multiple Virgina public high school libraries, its art and writing style seemed to be aimed toward a younger demographic: “This isn’t targeting seniors. This is targeting freshmen and younger.”

IWV received the news and created an advertisement for parents to explain the impact of radical progressive dogma on public education. According to Lukas, the networks’ refusal to air the ad didn’t come as much of a shock: “We’re hoping to get one of these on the air. We’re not surprised that the first one was rejected, but we think it’s pretty telling.”

This whole episode begs the question, if it’s too explicit for adults watching late-night television, what is it doing in a library for children?

And while the broadcast networks are compelled to adhere to federal standards governing profanity, they don’t seem to have much sympathy for parents concerned about what their children are being taught in school. When a group of parents filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Merrick Garland’s office for equating their protests against their school board to “domestic terrorism,” the networks gave the story no coverageAll.

All three networks have been similarly successful so far You are completely uninformed the rape of two teenage girls by a student abusing the school’s transgender locker room policy. Although they are happy to shame any lawmaker that would dare to challenge such policies, they do not want to discuss the consequences.

You don’t have to think very hard about this one to see the irony.

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